Do you grow cannabis and hemp on a small scale, say your beautiful backyard is all you’ve got to use for your business? And you wish to have a simple cannabis hanging system that simplifies your harvesting and maximizes your limited drying space?

Sweat no more! The DriFlower’s Classic Hang Harvesting Kit is just what you need. This kit is designed to help you save time, space, and money.

Why Use the Classic Hang Harvesting Kit?

We understand that you have a goal to ease your harvesting and drying process.

The classic hang harvesting kit helps you harvest your cannabis and hemp faster and more efficiently than ever before, and you can hold up to 24 pounds of dried, trimmed flower by kit.

Interestingly, this kit helps you track metrics, monitor performance, and reduce damages caused by nets, totes, and over-handling… so the quality and integrity of your flower are preserved.

Perhaps you have more than three workers assisting you daily in your small-scale growing space. Well, with the classic kit, one man can accomplish what three manpower will carry out just in a fraction of time.

What this means is that you’re not only saving your space but reducing your manpower and achieving better output and product quality.

What many growers do not know is that the more hands touching their cannabis and hemp products, the more damage and loss they incur. The Classic Kit cancels that out!

Best Space-efficient System

The most interesting aspect of using the classic hang harvesting kit is that it saves you a lot of space. You can harvest and hang your plants and still have enough space to do other stuff.

More so, this marijuana harvesting equipment helps maximize airflow, and keep your product sanitary. What more? You can easily unload the hangers in a fraction of time.

Here’s what Michael, a medical cannabis grower had to say after trying the Classic Hang Harvesting System:

“I have been growing medical cannabis in my family’s backyard for the last five years. This is the first time I am using the DriFlower classic kit, and I have to say this is really fast and easy. You just cut the flowers, carry the hangers down to the garage, hang it right on the rack, and you’re good to go. Three levels of a 2 foot × 6 foot space and everything is feeling awesome, and I could still use my garage. It’s actually fun for my girlfriend, cutting and hanging the plants. It looks great hanging all in one space. It’s a really cool design and a couple of friends who grow professionally got interested in the setup as long as it could save them time and space. If space is a shortage for you, this is a fabulous solution and I highly recommend the DriFlower Classic Kit.”

Two efficient Classic Kit Options For You

The classic hang harvesting kit comes in two options:

  • The small Classic Kits: This kit has a target harvest weight of 15 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers per kit. It comes with 30 each 21” J-Hangers.
  • The large Classic kits: This kit has a target harvest weight of 24 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers per kit, and it includes 24 each 41” J-Hangers.

So you can choose the option that suits you best. Well, you should consider the size of the harvest you’re expecting. This would determine your best bet.  

Remember, you don’t have to subject your cannabis product to the crushing weight of being stacked on top of each other, just because you have a small space. The classic hang harvesting kit allows you to arrange your stick of hangers on the Aluminum sticks in a way that increases airflow between your flowers and eliminates off-gassing

This marijuana harvesting equipment is designed with laser-precision machine engineering and made in Oregon, USA.  It is built to last and performs consistently from harvest to harvest.

When you order the Classic Hang Harvesting Kit, we create it based on your specification and deliver it to you, all within 2 to 4 weeks.

You don’t have to limit your production because of limited space anymore. If you’d like to get effective hang harvesting equipment for sale, get this Classic kit today and you’ll be amazed at your output and stress-free operation. You can get more than one classic kit if you desire to hang more than 24 pounds of flowers in your garage space. 

You can consult us today for a custom-build of hang harvesting system in Oregon to suit your available space.