About DriFlower™

Jay Larkins in the field with loaded DriFLower HarvestRack

In 2005, DriFlower founder Jay Larkins had one simple thought, “There has to be a better way.”

Jay instantly envisioned a streamlined process for harvesting cannabis or hemp directly onto innovative hangers & hardware. His solution would not only simplify harvesting, but also organize transporting, drying and emptying drying racks within minutes. Within minutes of this inspiration he put pen to paper, designing what has become, after years of experimentation and research, the DriFlower HangHarvesting™ System.

Throughout the years Jay and the DriFlower team have learned a lot, out in the field and in drying spaces all along the west coast.  As with any great disruptive technology, there have been moments of victory and challenging failures.  But every outcome is seen as having valuable information which educates a new direction forward.  With Jay’s unwavering dedication and vision, we’ve always felt confident in our success. That’s what sets DriFlower apart.  Unquestionably, our commitment to research and improvement empowered us to bring forth a system that is both efficient and reliable. In Jay’s words, “So Simple.”

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of HangHarvesting™ System Kits, Hangers & Hardware servicing the worldwide cannabis and hemp industry.

Our Vision

To establish HangHarvesting™ as the Premium Flower harvesting standard.


 “We reap what we sow”

HangHarvesting™: Reinventing an age-old process

Hanging your harvest to dry is nothing new, but how and when you hang your harvest is about to change forever.  Read on to learn more about DriFlower ™ and our revolutionary system for harvesting cannabis and hemp.

Most farmers learn the ways that have been handed down from those before them. As a result, throughout the ages the idea has stayed the same: cut your crops, throw them in the trailer, wagon or bin and move them to the drying area where you’ll hang them as quickly as possible.  Changing times have brought higher demands on the quantity and quality of your harvest. However, there’s been no re-thinking of this basic procedure…until now.

“Everybody needs this tool.” 

Jay loads j-hangers in the field

About DriFlower ™: History

“It’s like a tractor next to a horse; this is the tractor and the old way is the horse.”– Jay Larkins

One of the first lessons we learned is that even the smallest change yields big results. Second, product loss equates to profit loss and greater expenses as well.  And third, why use more manpower and take more time to complete the task that one man — with the right tools — can accomplish in a fraction of the time?

It’s simple. The more hands touching your crops, the more damage and loss. Furthermore, cut crops that sit for prolonged periods of time lose not only visual appeal but also lose resins and oils that define the quality of your product. In addition, inefficient hanging methods (net, trellis, wire, etc.) take up more space and often mean pushing and pulling plants through small openings not ideal for that purpose.

Ask any specialist in their field and they’ll tell you. There’s always a right tool for the job. Doing what so-n-so does only gives you so-n-so’s results but doesn’t get you ahead. That’s the thing about DriFlower’s approach. We have thought through the design of HangHarvesting™ Hangers & Hardware and each of our products are built to last. Therefore they perform consistently from harvest to harvest.

loading a prototype DriFlower HarvestRack in the field
About DriFlower: Loading prototype DriFlower HarvestRack

“The whole DriFlower System has evolved through… doing it the wrong way in order to figure out what doesn’t work, and through figuring out what doesn’t work, understanding what does work”

– Jay Larkins     


The HangHarvesting™ System

“HangHarvesting with DriFlower… that’s what’s up.”

Our HangHarvesting™ methodology addresses the need to put your plant first.  With the DriFlower HangHarvesting™ System, you’ll see the benefits of cutting and hanging your plants in the field or greenhouse right away. This approach sets your crops in place, in the field not to be touched again until they are dry.

In the field, the plant is at its most supple and not prone to breakage or crumbling. The natural oils are all intact. Moreover, when hung they will benefit from gravity bringing nectar from the stem into the flower. Hanging fresh cut crops increases airflow and eliminates off-gassing that can occur when transporting fresh cut crops to the dry space in a tote.

HangHarvesting™ uses gravity to its advantage rather than subjecting plants to the crushing weight of being stacked on top of each other, plant over plant and tote over tote.  Of course we all know the dangers of leaving crops in a confined space for too long. Mold doesn’t need long to devalue your harvest. The DriFlower HangHarvesting™ approach improves your workflow AND your airflow.

From the field or greenhouse, it’s easy to move one hanger at a time or an entire stick of hangers into the drying space.  Because of the design of our HangHarvesting™ systems, your drying space stays clean and organized with minimum loss and maximum efficiency.

“This will be an industry standard tool that everyone will use because it’s the best option there is.” – Jay Larkins

Finally, once dried, premium flowers are easily removed from the hangers with one simple movement. Unloading into totes or bags rapidly with little to no dust or breakage happens in one flowing move.

Moreover, checking the progress of your drying harvest with a clean and organized HangHarvesting™ system brings great satisfaction.

The savings on labor, space and time make DriFlower HangHarvesting™ system a wise investment. With durable construction, all of our Hangers & Hardware are practical and specifically designed to work together.  You’ll use these for years to come, and hand them down to the next generation in your family.

You already know.

So go check out the details of our HangHarvesting™ Kits, Hangers & Hardware. Whether you decide to get a complete kit or build your own custom set up, you’re about to level up your game.


Make the smart choice and… Hang With Us.

Fully loaded 41 inch j-hangers
DriFlower DIY system
Large harvest drying on DriFlower racks stacked to the ceiling