Rolling Dri-Rack



  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Industrial Castors
  • Dri-Brackets & 91″ Sticks
  • Hold any DriFlower J-Hanger (21″ 31″ 41″)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to move…it rolls!
  • Largest Dimensions:  91″(L)x42″(W)x79″(H)

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Choose your configuration: +21″, +31″, or +41″ J-Hangers or just the rack (A-La-Carte)

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The DriFlower™ Rolling Dri-Rack is for the professional who requires the utmost flexibility and versatility in their drying space.  This drying rack is next level.  Three levels, in fact, of hanging space secure enough to hold as many hangers as you can stuff on a 91″ stick… x 3!  This Rolling Dri-Rack with it’s broad base and step-locking castors is able to roll through doorways and manage the load without compromise.  Got a top-of-the-line indoor space and need pack your harvest in?  Imagine loading 10 wet pounds on a hanger, 8 hangers on a stick, and three sticks on a rack … all within a 7.5″ x 3.5 footprint.  That’s 240 wet pounds (24 lbs dried/trimmed) in a ROLLING RACK.  C’mon!  It’s a no brainer.  Pair a Rolling Dri-Rack with the Rolling Harvest-Rack for the ultimate set of maneuverability.  When it’s dry, simply roll these racks to where you’ll buck your flower, then roll these racks out of the way while you use the dry space for something else.  The DriFlower Rolling Dri-Rack… the ultimate in dry room flexibility.

  • Heavy duty Rolling Harvest-Rack with locking castors
  • All metal construction sanitary and easy to clean
  • Safety Rubber Bumpers on all ends
  • Open J-Brackets allow for easy stick transfer
  • 91″ LockPin Sticks stay in place while in motion
  • Holds any size J-Hangers (21″ – 31″ – 41″)
  • Easy to assemble and move…it rolls!
  • Pre-set screw holes for no-nonsense fastening
  • Includes: Wheels, Base Assembly, Vertical Posts, J-Brackets and 91″ Sticks (x3)
  • Rolling Dri-Rack dimensions: 91″(L) x 42″(W) x 79″(H)

Discover all the benefits of using DriFlower’s Hangers and Hardware for yourself: streamline the harvest process, minimize crop handling, simplify transport, easily organize your dry space with one-touch hanging, maximize airflow during drying, keep your product sanitary, and unload your hangers in a fraction of the time. Want to know more?  Check out these videos.

Additional information

Weight75 lbs
Dimensions96 × 10 × 9 in

+ 41" J-Hangers (24), + 31" J-Hangers (24), + 21" J-Hangers (24), A La Carte (no hangers)


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