It’s Not Wrong… to cling to the past like a shipwreck survivor clinging to driftwood. 


Every once in a while, here at DriFlower, we hear from someone who says, “Oh, I just dry on nets.” It’s an argument we refer to as the Great Waning Debate. Because, you know, it’s not wrong to stick with the ancient and time-honored tradition of nets, but let’s face it, there’s a reason why we’re not still using quills and parchment to document our lives. So let’s take a moment and explore the dazzling world of nets – because who needs next-level innovation when you’ve got the classics?

Ah… the Nostalgia of Nets:

Nets it’s like clinging to your favorite flip phone while the rest of the world embraces smartphones. It’s not wrong if you enjoy the nostalgia of fumbling around with unwieldy nets, spending hours untangling them, and relishing the inconsistent drying they offer. But hey, who needs progress?

Nets: Space Invaders Edition:

It’s not wrong if you prefer the look of a facility drowning in nets, each one claiming its own territory. Because who needs a well-organized and optimized space when you can have a maze of nets instead? Maximizing space? Efficiency? Who needs that when you can embrace the space-invading prowess of nets?  

 Nets take up considerable space in drying facilities and limit the scalability of operations. DriFlower HangHarvesting equipment, on the other hand, is designed with space optimization in mind. Efficient use of space is a crucial advantage, allowing growers to maximize their yield without compromising quality.

Environmental Oblivion:

Sustainability? Pfft. Nets don’t care about such modern concerns. It’s not wrong if you prefer an approach that’s a tad indifferent to the environment. Go ahead and embrace the waste! Who doesn’t want to spend their time, or their employee’s time, bundling the mess of nets to figure out how to dispose of it? There’s always out back… way, way out back. Surely, the local wildlife won’t mind. Energy consumption, resource drainage – who cares? Nets certainly don’t.

Long live the weakest link:

It’s not wrong if you prefer to let the drying process resemble the Wild West – unpredictable and all over the place. Who needs a controlled and uniform harvest anyway? Why not take all your hard work, all of that investment, all of that time, and tangle it up in a thin plastic line? Right!?! Consistency? Overrated. It’s not wrong if you enjoy the element of surprise in your cannabis harvest. Who needs a controlled and predictable drying process when you can revel in the randomness of nets? After all, who doesn’t love a little chaos in their life?

So there you have it – nets, the unsung heroes of yesteryear. It’s not wrong if you’re still attached to the old ways, but if you’re ready to step into the 21st century, DriFlower HangHarvesting equipment might be the upgrade you never knew you needed.

Let’s be honest: It’s not wrong to use nets, but it’s definitely not DriFlower.