DriFlower: Organize and Streamline Your Harvest

DriFlower, the world leader in cannabis drying solutions, has revolutionized cannabis and hemp harvesting and drying with patented HangHarvesting™ Systems, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Integrating DriFlower into your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), can significantly reduce labor costs, optimize drying space, minimize product handling, and slash hanging and unloading times by at least 50%.

Whether cutting branches or hanging whole plants, get a handle on your harvest with our Rolling Dri-Racks, custom-designed dry-room solutions, or retrofit your dry space with DriFlower Conversion Kits.

Crafted in the USA, DriFlower HangHarvesting products are synonymous with reliability and longevity, ensuring they seamlessly accommodate your growing operations.

You already know.


Container Conversion Kit (core) for cannabis drying

HangHarvesting Kits

Get It & Go

Our Kits are the easy “get it and go” horticultural drying solution for anyone growing at any scale.  Maybe you’re a home-grower with a small batch in your backyard.  Or maybe you’ve got an acre or two.  Maybe you have 10,000 acres.

No matter the size of your operation, we have a HangHarvesting™ solution for you.

Start with the best selling combo: Lil Buddy Harvest Rack and the Rolling Dri-Rack with 41″ J-Hangers.

Or, convert your rig with a Shipping Container Conversion Kit.

Or, fill your warehouse with Pro Pods 

No matter your scale, get it and go with DriFlower HangHarvesting Kits.

Organize Your Harvest

Minimize Cost & Labor

Maximize Dry Space

Limit Loss & Damage

Streamline Workflow

Track Metrics

Monitor Performance

Improve Farm Morale

Horticultural Cannabis Drying Racks & Hardware

Custom-Build Your Dry Space 


You’re a Do-It-Yourselfer.

You like to sort it out on your own.

Cool cool… that’s what’s up.

Order our Hangers & Hardware so you can build your own system. 

Do you have a large scale horticultural drying operation?  Contact Us for a quote on a custom-build to maximize your available dry space.


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We’ll Grow With You…

So Hang With Us!


Hang•Harvesting The process whereby crops are harvested and hung immediately and remain suspended until dry.
Years of research have resulted in the design of DriFlower’s HangHarvesting™ system.  We know because we’ve been in this business for a long time.  Now you can harvest faster and more efficiently than ever before; track metrics and monitor performance; reduce damage caused by totes, nets, and over-handling … all while preserving the quality and integrity of your flower.



Step 1 - DriFlower ™ HangHarvesting Cannabis Drying & Harvesting equipment

Cut Your Crops and Stuff Your Weed Hangers

HangHarvesting begins in the field, or greenhouse, or wherever you grow. Cut and Hang your branches on the hangers, rest assured that the hanger will not tip or bend. The raised ridges and solid construction of each hanger secures your flower in place. This is the last time you will touch your flowers until they’re dry.


Step 2 - DriFlower ™ - HangHarvesting Cannabis Drying & Harvesting hangers

Organize Your Cannabis Hangers

Transport and easily organize your hangers by using the integrated handle, by carrying a full stick of pro-hangers, or by loading sticks into a Pro Pod to be trucked to the drying location.

No matter how you move it, our hangers and kits have been designed to optimize consistent airflow while being easy to monitor throughout the transportation and drying processes.

So Simple.


Step 3 - DriFlower ™ - HangHarvesting Cannabis Drying & Harvesting storage kits

Empty Your Hangers – FAST!

Once your harvest is dry, get ready to empty your hangers faster than ever before!

Save time and money without getting tangled up in nets.

Game changer.


The first use paid back the cost of the hangers, because of what we would have paid in labor.

I would absolutely recommend the driflower system.  It’s a great tool.

Ethan Felcher

Oregon Cannabis Farms

The best part is, we finished at 4pm! We hung our last hanger and left for the day.

The cost savings and time savings in turning a room around, there is jut no comparison.

Michael Monarch

Epic Family Farms

What was a four or five person job… definitely a two person job with DriFlower.

Takes away all the hands touching the product to get it from here to there to you…    Win-Win!

Big Jay Petersen

Doja Farms

Made In America

We are committed to the quality and craftsmanship that “Made In America” represents.  We’re proud to say that all of our kits and system essentials are made in the USA. Our products have been developed with laser precision machine engineering, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. We are an Oregon based company that believes in stimulating our local economy as we contribute to this emerging worldwide industry. Creating new industry standards has long been the American way, and we’re here to honor that tradition.

Driflower Cannabis Drying Systems • Made in the USA

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