You may spend all your time giving your weed first-class care during their entire growth process, but if you don’t pay good attention to cannabis drying and curing, you may get a ridiculous and heartbreaking result.

That’s why at DriFlower, we are concerned about you doing the right thing throughout your weed growing journey. This is important to avoid wastage of time and resources. 

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You may know of traditional methods that involve lying cannabis down flat on a surface such as cardboard. But is this method as effective as drying your weed upside down? Perhaps you have heard or seen a lot of growers hanging their plants upside down to dry and wonder why it is necessary.

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Before we discuss why weed is hanged upside down to dry, let’s quickly refresh your mind on the benefits of drying your cannabis plants in the first place:

Benefits of Properly Drying Weed after harvesting

Here are some benefits you should know:

  • Drying your cannabis plant helps the plant to break down chlorophyll and sugars and get rid of them to improve taste and smoothness of the buds.
  • Drying your weed helps to remove every unpleasant smell of fresh hay or cut grass, which is common with newly harvested buds.
  • Drying brings out the unique scent and flavors of your cannabis strain
  • Drying reduces the moisture content and the risk of mold or bacteria growing on your buds
  • Drying your weed reduces harshness in the buds, thereby, preventing you from coughing or having headaches while smoking.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, let’s move on to our main focus!

Why Hang Plants Upside down to dry?

When you dry your weed upside down, it allows the sap content to flow continuously to the sap, thereby slowing down the drying process.

What is the implication of this? The slow drying process gives more time for the chlorophyll and sugar content to be broken down, without losing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This makes your buds have the full aroma and flavor of the cannabis strain.

If you want to further slow down the drying process, do not remove a lot of leaves. This way, the leaves will curl around the buds, reducing the loss of moisture and preserving the terpene content.

However, if you’re in a humid environment, you may want your plant to dry faster to limit the chances of mold and other fungal growth.

What are the effects of hanging your cannabis in a well-ventilated room?

When you hang your weed in a ventilated room, you create an equal climate for the entire room. And this way, the plants are subjected to uniform conditions. If you decide to use a fan, do not blow on your plant directly as it can cause them to dry out quickly on the outside leaving the inside wet.

What about hanging your cannabis in a dark room?

Heat and light breaks down the THC content in cannabis plants. This results in the release of oxidation compounds such as CBN and CBC, which are less potent and give a dull high.

Hanging your cannabis in a dark room, however, preserve the THC content, and this makes it stay fully activated, resulting in potent buds.

However, the dark room should have a temperature around 200C. If the temperature is too low, it can make the drying process too slow, and this can put your plant at risk of fungal growth.

But also not that too high temperatures can quicken the drying process, which can lead to the loss of essential compounds.

How long should you leave your cannabis plant to dry?

The time factor is important in your drying process. Depending on the conditions of your drying space, it can take 5-10 days for the buds to dry completely. This duration allows enough time for the chlorophyll content to break down, giving a better smell and taste.

When you don’t give your cannabis plant enough time to dry, you’d most times get a poor taste and quality of weed.

So give your produce enough time to dry. You will know the buds are ready for curing when they become sticky and the twigs snap.

Final Remark

We hope we’ve been able to clearly answer your question “Why hang plants upside down to dry?” This process is important as it utilizes all the sap in the plant and slows down the drying process. This always yields cannabis with good quality, flavor, and taste. These benefits are enough to keep using this standard way of drying cannabis.

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