If you really want to maximize your drying space, reduce labor costs, and preserve the quality of your cannabis or hemp produce, then you should be thinking of efficient harvesting and drying methods

DriFlower has made a big revolution in both the small scale and commercial cannabis growing business. Now, you can efficiently dry up to 24 pounds of cannabis or hemp flower without taking too much space. Check out this cannabis drying kit – Classic HangHarvesting Kit.

Why do you need to step up your cannabis drying methods?

Classic HangHarvesting™ Kits - Classic Baller HangHarvesting™ Kit

If you’re familiar with recent trends, you will observe that changing times have placed higher demands on the quality and quantity of cannabis and hemp harvest.

I bet you don’t want to be left behind.

It would help if you re-evaluated how and when you hang your cannabis harvest. If you want to get it done efficiently, spending minimal time, space, and money, the Classic HangHarvesting Kit is one tool you should go to any length to have.

You’ll agree with me that your product loss equates to profit loss. Who wants to keep losing money in this business? Of course, no one. However, the truth is that the more hands touching your cannabis and hemp produce, the higher the risk of damage and loss.

The worst part is that cutting your crops and allowing them to sit for prolonged hours can cause them to lose their visual appeal, resins, and oils, all of which determine the plant’s quality.

Using advanced and efficient tools, such as our Classic HangHarvesting Kit, helps you hang your cannabis or hemp flowers after harvest, leaving them to dry without too much handling. In fact, it is just a one-touch harvesting system. Your product comes out fresh, and you can easily and quickly empty your hangers faster without facing any form of tangling experienced with nets.

Traditional methods of using nets, trellis, wires, etc., for hanging your cannabis produce takes up more space, and it often involves pushing your plants through small openings, which could cause damage.

DriFlower’s approach is just a more efficient way to manage your space and maintain the quality of your product. Besides, our kits and system essentials are developed with laser precision machine engineering in Oregon, USA, and they are BUILT TO LAST!

Why the Classic HangHarvesting Kit is an Amazing tool to Use

In our quest to figure out a better way to harvest and dry cannabis and hemp flowers, we were able to build the Classic HangHarvesting Kit. This kit is a perfect package for professional cannabis and hemp growers.

Each of these kits contains 1 HarvestRackTM, 1 DriFlowerRackTM, 8 Patented J-Brackets, 3-6’ Aluminum Sticks, 24 Patented J-Hangers, and 1 Fastener Pack.

However, there are two options for the Classic HangHarvesting Kit:

  • The smaller kits: This option includes 30 21” J-Hangers, which can hold up to 15 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers for each kit.
  • The larger kits: This larger option includes 24 41” J-Hangers and can hold up to 24 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers for each kit.

This Classic HangHarvesting Kit is suitable to ease your harvesting process. It minimizes the risk of damage to your products and manages your drying space.

Here is feedback from a cannabis grower who took advantage of this great HangHarvesting System;

“I would really say this is fast and easy. You just cut the flowers, carry the hangers down to the garage, and hang them right up on the rack and you’re good to go. Three levels of 2 foot by 6-foot space and everything is feeling comfortable and I can still use my garage. It’s actually fun for my girlfriend cutting and hanging the plants. It’s just really cool to use. A couple of my friends who grow professionally were interested in the setup as far as it could save them time and space. If space is assured for you, this is a fabulous solution. I highly recommend DriFlower and the Classic Kit.”

What’s holding you back?

It’s high time you stepped up your drying game. Streamline your harvest process, minimize handling and manage your drying space using this hang harvesting Oregon equipment Classic HangHarvesting Kit.

However, this kit is created upon receipt of your order. You will get it delivered to you within 2-4 weeks after placing your order.

Work smarter today and stay ahead of the game in the cannabis-growing business.