If you’re a cannabis grower who loves to sort your drying needs on your own, we’ve got good news for you. Yes, it’s not mandatory that you choose from already-made hang harvesting kits. You can custom-build your dry space yourself using hangers and hardware developed with laser precision machine engineering.

DriFlower is an innovative Oregon-based company driven by a passion for simplifying your cannabis and hemp harvesting and hanging methods to save you time, cost of labor, and space.

We have a collection of efficient cannabis drying kits that are a “get it and go” solution for either a small-scale level (maybe a small batch in your backyard) or a commercial scale cannabis and hemp growing with many acres of land, say over 10,000 acres.

Our Hardware kits include:

  • Shipping container conversion kit
  • Pallet rack conversion kit
  • Shelving rack conversion kit,
  • Harvest-rack hardware kit. 

We also have the complete kits, including the Classic HangHarvesting Kit and Pro Pods.

Beyond the ready-made kits, we cater to every do-it-yourselfer. We have our hangers and hardware, which many growers have purchased to build their own system. Others contact us for a quote on a custom-build to make the best out of their available dry space.

Innovative DriFlower hangers and hardware for building your drying space

 The DriFlower’s system essentials the following hardware and hangers:

  • Aluminum “Locking” Sticks
  • Aluminum sticks
  • Harvest Brackets
  • Harvest-rack hardware kit
  • J-Bracket
  • PalletRack- Brackets (PRB)
  • Shelving Unit Brackets (SUB)
  • Hangers

All these tools are carefully designed to custom-build your dry space. You might be wondering, “What makes these equipment special for building your drying space?” I will discuss their features briefly;

Aluminum “Locking” sticks

As the name implies, “locking” sticks feature a dual push-pin locking system on each side of the stick to keep it firmly in position to carry the wet weight of cannabis on J or Pro-Hangers.

This stick comes in a compatible 91” length, and it fits all J-brackets, hangers, harvest brackets, and kits. You can contact us for custom orders if you want other sizes.

Aluminum sticks

These DriFlower aluminum sticks come in 4’ 6’ and 8’ lengths, and they provide ample support for holding fully loaded J-hangers or Pro-hangers.

Harvest brackets

These Harvest brackets are built to hold an aluminum stick to the harvest rack securely. It comes with two screw holes to fasten it securely to rack verticals. This is a Do-it-Yourself Hardware for anyone who wants to build their own harvest rack.

Harvest rack hardware kit

This harvest rack hardware kit makes for absolute ease when building your custom harvest rack to your specifications. This kit is easy to assemble, and it comes with pre-set screw holes for secure fastening to your lumbar. You can build the right-sized harvest rack to get all the stability out in the field.


The DriFlower J-Brackets are designed for holding aluminum sticks in position. It is useful in building the drying rack of your choice.

This bracket carries two screw holes, and after building your rack, you can fasten it with standard screws to the vertical posts of your rack. If you desire to create a multi-tiered drying rack, you can use multiple sets of J-Brackets.

PalletRack- Brackets (PRB)

These palletrack-brackets are designed to turn standard pallet racks into the best size dry spaces. You can easily change the placement of these brackets to suit your needs.

This is an easy-to-use “pop-n-drop” installation. In a matter of minutes, your drying space will be ready, saving you labor cost and time.

Interestingly, PRB placement can change in seconds to meet your specific needs. So whether you need a row to hold up to 24” cuts or 12” cuts, you can easily change the vertical space between PRB.

Shelving Unit Brackets (SUB)

These shelving unit brackets are built to convert “heavy-duty” shelving units into great size drying racks. It works to lock into a standard shelving unit securely. It has a no-brainer “pop-n-drop” installation, and you can easily change the placement of the SUBs in seconds.


DriFlower offers different sizes of cannabis drying hangers that you can select from to build your customized drying space.

The available options include:

  • 21” J-Hanger: This is suitable for indoor growers, and it is a perfect choice for a limited space.
  • 31” J-Hanger: This hanger size is designed to handle a mighty load at the right size. It is easy to stuff, move, organize, and empty. This makes it perfect for usage in residential spaces, commercial settings, and shipping containers.
  • 41” J-Hanger: This is the large J-hanger and the ultimate cannabis hanger suitable for holding full loads of harvested cannabis and hemp. If you grow on a commercial scale, this is perfect to use.
  • 41” Pro-Hanger: This hanger is built to serve in large-scale hemp farming. The design ensures hangers remain securely on the stick during the movement of crops. If you need to load your hangers with hemp and move them fast to the drying space, this hanger option is the way to go.

Closing Remark

There you have it, all the hardware and hanger options you can select from to custom-build your dry space as a do-it-yourselfer. You can easily choose what works best for your drying needs, be it for small-scale or commercial-scale farming.

You know your drying space better, so when searching for “hemp harvesting equipment for sale,” ensure you choose what would work best for your space.

If you have a large-scale operation, and you need to maximize your dry space, you can contact us for a quote on a custom build, and we’ll create magic for you to save cost, time, and space.