Hey, you’re probably wondering, “what’s so special about the Shipping Container Conversion Kit?” Perhaps it’s your first time hearing about this super cool product from Driflower.

Well, times are changing, and many cannabis and hemp farmers are already switching to products and methods that save a lot of space, time, and cost.

Only a wasteful and unproductive grower would not appreciate and jump on an efficient product like the Driflower Shipping Container Conversion Kit.

You’ll be short-changing your cannabis business potential if you have or can get a shipping container but still choose to dry your produce over many acres of land or your entire warehouse space.

In other words, you are doing it the archaic way!

The game has moved beyond that bro! Now, you can maximize your space, simplify your harvesting process, and organize your transportation and drying using the Shipping Container Kit.

Why use the Shipping Container Conversion Kit?

Many years ago, I observed cannabis growers find it challenging to manage their drying space. Besides, most growers had to hire more labor for harvesting, which was hell cost-intensive. That was not fun at all!

However, in 2005, the Driflower team and I envisioned better ways to streamline the cannabis drying process – A solution that will help every cannabis grower run their business efficiently, managing their space and still getting the best quality of flowers after drying.

We learned a lot in the field and drying spaces all along the west coast. And after challenging failures and innovative victories, we were able to discover the DriFlower HangHarvestingTM System.

Now here’s the point – If you have or can get a shipping container, then it’s time to join other commercial growers to hang and dry your cannabis like a PRO!

Our Shipping Container kit is great for organizing and drying your cannabis flowers without taking too much space. More so, with this conversion kit, you’ll save a lot of time harvesting and sorting products and improve the quality of your flower. Most importantly, you’ll need less labor, saving a lot of bucks. What more can a cannabis grower desire?

This kit has been a fantastic game-changer. It contains everything you need to convert your shipping container into an unparalleled HangHarvesting drying space.

What do you get with the Shipping Container Conversion kit?

Each 20ft shipping container conversion kit comes with:

·         19’ segmented Aluminum Sticks (6 in total)

·         Top Cross-Bars (3 in total)

·         Hanging Stick Slot supports (6 in total)

·         Hardware, including connectors, locks pins, couplers, etc.

·         Two hanger options – Either the 31” or 41” J-Hangers (120 pieces in total)

The conversion kit option with 31” J-hangers is an excellent choice if you desire to have a nice wide path down the middle of the drying space. But if you want to stuff your container to the gills, then go for the kit with 41” J-hangers.

Do not even bother to ask about installing. We made this product so simple that even a dummy can assemble and install.

How much produce can you dry?

You may be thinking, “How many pounds of premium flower can I hold in this shipping container conversion kit?”

Well, for 20 feet of container, you can hang approximately 120 pounds of hemp flower.  If you have a forty-footer container, you can get two conversion kits to dry double the quantity of the 20-feet of container.

Now, “what happens when you have a tall container?” We’ve got you covered also. Our specially designed kits are suitable for both smaller and larger containers. So a tall container can give you a chance to evenly space your hangers and maintain a consistent quality of hemp flower.

What if I don’t have a shipping container?

Do not worry; it’s not a problem if you don’t have a shipping container. DriFlower has got you covered for the best harvesting and drying process. You can check our product page to see other kits, hangers, and hardware options.

We also have the Classic HangHarvesting Kit, Pallet Rack Conversion Kit, Pro Pods, and Shelving Rack Conversion Kit – All these are fantastic hemp harvesting equipment for efficient drying without taking much space.

And here’s one exciting part – If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can create a custom-build using our hangers & Hardware.

Quit using too much space for drying your cannabis or hemp produce. Get our Shipping Container Conversion Kit today to dry up to 120 pounds of cannabis flower and more, without going beyond 20-foot, and saving cost.  

That’s what Pros do! Feel free to join them today!