Any cannabis cultivation equipment you choose has an overall influence on the efficiency and quality of hemp you produce. If you’re truly after quality, then you should consider using the best marijuana harvesting equipment. 

Growing and nurturing your cannabis and hemp is already a long process with a high demand for time and energy. 

However, using the wrong hemp harvesting equipment may cause all your efforts to go down the drain. A larger portion of your produce may get damaged. Consequently, you’d run at a great loss.

Of course, nobody wants such disappointment and torment. So, let’s explore how you can find the best hemp harvesting equipment for sale in the US. 

How to Find the Best Hemp Harvesting Equipment in the US 

Are you looking for hemp harvesting equipment in Oregon or other parts of the US? Know this! 

Choosing the right hemp harvesting equipment depends on your approach to drying and curing hemp. Hemp cultivators have more than one option for drying. Options like line drying, tunnel drying, wet balling, and Hangharvesting are valid approaches, and your equipment would depend on which approach you use. 

In retrospect, there’s no size-fit answer for “how to find the best hemp harvesting equipment in the US”, and this guide does not claim to have all the answers. 

However, after an in-depth view of the subject, we’d provide answers by focusing on the most efficient hemp harvesting approach, Hang Harvesting.

Compared to known methods of drying your hemps, hang harvesting helps you make the best use of resources like limited space, limited workforce, and limited capital. It’s the most efficient way to save money on bills and production costs. 

Hang harvesting is a simplified system that uses a variety of hardware and hangers to hang-dry hemp immediately after harvest. This method is similar to line-drying but much more efficient. 

Essentially, hang harvesting makes the best use of little space for large-scale drying and harvesting your hemp and cannabis. They also work for industrial production and harvesting of hemp. 

You must consider these factors to decide how or which hang harvesting tool works for you.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Hemp Harvesting Equipment in the US 

Before purchasing hemp harvesting equipment, it’s advised to test for the reliability of your equipment. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple task. 

There are no litmus tests or buffers to conclude from. So, it is near impossible unless you consider key factors affecting the equipment’s efficiency. 

In hemp harvesting, it’s better to consider the factors affecting the efficiency and use of cannabis harvesting equipment before purchasing. These include:

Size of your production

Top on the list of factors to consider before choosing hemp harvesting equipment is the- size of your production.

 It’d be inappropriate to use inadequate equipment for large-scale production. And it’d be overkill to have more equipment than hemp available for drying. 

Moderacy is always just right! And the first step towards achieving that is considering the size of your hemp farm. 

For small to medium hemp farm harvesting, the classic hang harvesting kits are a fit. 

The Pro pods are better suited for industrial hemp harvesting or large-scale hemp harvesting. 


Production cost has a major influence on your profit margin. This implies that equipment cost has to be considered a major part of the production. 

Efficiency is more than producing quality flower buds. Efficiency is also profitability. 

Before deciding on which cannabis cultivation equipment, consider the cost. 

Our Hanghavesting tools are affordable. They can also be engineered to fit your needs and budget. 

You can choose how many 41” J-hangers you want in your pro pods or classic hang harvesting kits. You can also choose smaller-sized and cheaper options.

Available Space

When Roosevelt said, “Do all you can with all you’ve got, right where you are ”, he meant that we make the best use of the space available. 

If all the space you need is a garage, a container, or a cellar, you should make the best out of it. 

So when you consider which harvesting equipment to buy, you should also consider your available space and which hang harvesting tool helps you make the best use of these spaces. 
Driflower offers a variety of options for different types of spaces available. Each option provides a unique setup for spaces like containers, garages, and shelves.