Jay Larkins is the CEO and Founder of DriFlower. He created the DriFlower HangHarvesting™ System, the first and only complete solution specifically designed to organize and streamline the harvest of cannabis and hemp. Jay and the DriFlower team have learned a lot throughout the years, out in the field and in drying spaces all along the west coast.  With Jay’s unwavering dedication and vision, DriFlower always had confidence in its success. Their commitment to research and improvement empowered them to bring forth an efficient and reliable system. In this episode, Jay shares how he overcame rock bottom and transformed his life through what he knows best –Cannabis and Yoga.

First, Jay shares his first experience with cannabis. When he was young, he got his first bag of weed from a friend of his brother. He had to lie to his mother about what he was getting into because cannabis was still illegal for recreational use at the time. At that age, he was set to go into the military, but when he got introduced to cannabis, he felt that it wasn’t his path to take. Jay’s life was quickly steered by cannabis and has guided him to where he is now.

Discomfort Leads to Growth

Jay is a firm believer that having to struggle to get to where you are now is a good lesson for anyone. People think the easier the life is, the easier it will be to become happy. Everyone is present in the human experience to have growth and progression within their lives. Success doesn’t come from sitting back, doing nothing, and believing that everything is running smoothly. Growth in life is achieved by going through discomfort and challenges. When you have those experiences and come out the other side knowing exactly who you are, you can stand strong and not care about what people will say or think about you. From his own experience, Jay says “nobody can faze you when you have the conviction and confidence of knowing who you are, how you feel, and what your reality is.”

Humble Beginnings

DriFlower is the culmination of Jay’s life experiences in the cannabis scene. It all started with growing and having to go through roadblocks and setbacks. He had to learn through trial-and-error, but through his vision, everything eventually paid off. He and his company evolved and created a unique system that revolved around functionality. For the first year and a half of his journey, he manifested the DriFlower HangHarvesting System. He then started to see the tools and build his vision in his mind and make it a reality.

Jay’s biggest challenge is letting the world know that he and his company exist. The more exposure he will get, the more people can see his product and understand his vision. Exposure will make his company known to the market and attract the targeted customers. He hopes that it will show people how fun and streamlined his products can be and how more efficient they can be. Jay is trying to get his costs down and scale up so that he can deliver his products cheaper and affordable to the people. He says that more people will use his products if the price is right.

Cannabis and Yoga

Thanks to yoga, Jay found a new purpose in his life. After being on the run as a fugitive for 10 years, he decided to turn himself in and do time. Once he got himself out and into probation, he decided to teach yoga. He taught Yoga full time and integrated himself into society. With a newfound purpose, he attributes his success entirely to yoga. When he got out, he opened a Yoga studio to share the gift that he found and transform other people’s lives the way his life was transformed. Jay and his team all practice yoga daily. As the company is scaling up, they are looking to open a new Yoga Studio and have offices next to it so that employees can go right from working into practicing Yoga.

For Jay, he says that Yoga is very transformational and has become the company’s lifestyle. Even though they are known for cannabis, they are also avid supporters of Yoga because it has allowed them to become more capable, happy, and functional in what they are doing. DriFlower is trying to show the world that Yoga and cannabis combined are available and that anyone can live a life with both. They are setting the example of what joy and happiness look like as a company and brand.

“For me, success is joy in your heart. Success for me is the ability to walk through life and be in love with the world. It’s an internal thing. It’s not vaults of money that might feel good. But what feels good is feeling good. To me, success is joy in your heart and in being an example of what’s possible for others.”