The old maxim “cut your coat to your size” applies to almost every financial decision and budget spending. And it’s no different when it concerns choosing the best hemp harvesting equipment in 2022 for harvesting your hemp, especially when most large-scale hemp harvesting can cost anywhere from $6,000-$20,000. 

Factors like production size and available space add up to the overall cost. While that’s terrible news for growers with limited space and large produce, Driflower offers a strategic and actionable solution in three cannabis hanging systems that beat the odds. 

Affordable hemp harvesting equipment that can best use limited space is rare. But, in this article, we’d explore three! So, want to find out the top three budget-friendly hemp harvesting kits in 2022?

Top 3 Affordable Hemp Harvesting Equipment in 2022

If your resources are few and your space is limited, you’d have to weigh the available choices of hemp harvesting equipment to find a fitting cannabis hanging system. However, there are too many of these available choices, which might cost you hours of research and skull grinding. 

We’ve made it a walk in the park by shredding all necessities and creatively proffering three usable solutions for any cannabis grower on budget. Here they are:

  1. Classic HangHarvesting Kit
  2. Shipping Container Conversion Kit 
  3. Pro Pods 

Classic HangHarvesting Kit

Classic HangHarvesting Kit is a cut-fit solution that fits all your basic harvesting operation requirements.

It’s a customizable kit option meaning you can choose unique designs that fit your hemp harvesting needs. This includes choosing a classic Hangharvesting component that works for you. Generically, the classic hangharvesting has the following component. 

1 – HarvestRack™

1 – DriFlowerRack™

3 – 6′ Aluminum Sticks

8 – Patented J-Brackets

24 – Patented J-Hangers

1 – Fastener Pack

The classic hangharvesting kit by DriFlower™  has a durable crafty design with quality components. Its goals are to ease the burden of harvesting, reduce damage to your plants, and help maximize the utilization of limited drying space. 

You could choose between the Small and Large Classic HangHarvesting Kit.

  • Small kits include 30 pieces of 21″ J-Hangers. The small kit size can handle a target harvest weight of 15 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers per kit.
  • Large kits include 24 pieces of 41″ J-Hangers. This large kit has a target harvest weight of 24 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers per kit.

Shipping Container Conversion Kit 

While some cannabis growers have usable sheltered convertible spaces for drying, others have none and are looking for suitable compromises. Well, the shipping container conversion kit is the answer!

The Shipping Container Conversion Kit has everything you need to convert a shipping container into an unparalleled HangHarvesting drying space! Plus, you can also choose between setting it up with 31″ J-Hangers  OR 41″ J-Hangers, depending on the volumes of your hemp. 

A 20 ft. Shipping Container Conversion Kit contains:

  • Top Cross-Bars (x 3).
  •  Hanging Stick Slot supports (x 6).
  • 19′ Segmented Aluminum Sticks (x 6).
  • All Hardware: Lock Pins, Couplers, connectors, etc.
  • Optional choice to add 31″ or 41″ J-Hangers (x 120).

The shipping container conversion kit costs less than $5,500. You can also choose to use the 31″ J-Hangers, which leaves you with a two-foot path right in the middle of your dry space giving room to regularly check on your flowers.

Pro Pods

PRO PODS allows a multiple-level set-up. With pro pods, you can have a 3 LEVELS (6 sticks / 48 hangers) or 4 LEVELS (8 sticks / 64 hangers) set, depending on the size of your harvest. It also provides an industrial grade, heavy-duty, and powder-coated steel construction, making your hangharvesting setup more durable for long use. Pro Pods cost less than $4,000 and are available in two variations: 3 LEVELS (6 sticks / 48 hangers) or 4 LEVELS (8 sticks / 64 hangers). Components include;

  • Stack 3 PRO PODS for up to 24 feet of HangHarvesting.
  • Includes: PRO POD, 48 or 64 Pro-Hangers (41″), and 6 or 8 Sticks (96″)
  • Own Pro-Hangers already? PRO PODS are available a-la-carte
  • Overall dimensions (assembled) : 91″(L) x 96″(W) x 91″(H).

As one of the best 3 hemp harvesting equipment for sale, the pro pods work greatly for limited spaces. Also, being stackable makes them an ultimate optimization of limited space.