Damaged flower buds are far from what any grower expects after many months of toiling and tending to the needs of their growing marijuana and hemp plant. But, it’s something you undeniably face when you dry your harvested flowers using inefficient methods. It can be so devastating to lose the premium quality of your flowers during the drying stage. In fact, nobody deserves to face such horror.  

But, it doesn’t have to continue like that. After years of research, detailing, and hands-on marijuana and hemp-drying experience, we’ve designed the best cannabis drying racks and kits that cut damages by reducing the amount of manhandling and hurdles it takes to dry your cannabis. 

What are the Benefits of Drying Your Cannabis?

Of course, we know drying is the next step after harvesting our flower buds. But have you wondered why it is even necessary to dry your cannabis? What do you stand to gain if it’s done properly or loses if it’s done improperly?

Growing cannabis isn’t always a joy ride as it involves many ups and downs. But it’s an exciting experience looking at the benefits of the plant! As a first-time or a veteran grower, you know it is a many-months journey of hard work, exposure, and dedication. And it doesn’t just end with harvesting your flowers. 

Drying and curing help you prepare the flowers for the market, and they are undoubtedly the last deciding stage for which flower bud turns out good or bad. 

Regardless of the marijuana drying kit you use, drying should;

  • Improve the quality and smoothness of your cannabis
  • Improve the potency of your cannabis
  • Improve the shelf-life of your cannabis.

That’s what efficiency in drying looks like. Any drying method or approach that does not offer you such efficiency should be scrapped for a method that does!

Best Cannabis Drying Kits that Reduces Damage

Without further ado, let’s talk about some of the best cannabis drying kits you can consider today for optimum results and yield. We shall look only into the Complete Kits, and surely, we’d show you the link to check out other amazing options. 

Pro Pods

The Pro pods are Industrial-grade heavy-duty HandHarvesting Kits with powder-coated steel for longevity and reliability during heavy duty. 

We designed this kit essentially for large-scale growers looking for a way to manage their small drying space or warehouse.

Pro Pods come in two variants; a 3-level with 48 hangers and a 4-level with 64 hangers. 

Although each pro pod has 4 collapsible, vertical beams, they can be mounted or stacked on each other for up to 24 feet to create efficient use of narrow dry space. 

Classic HangHarvesting Kit

The Driflower Classic HangHarveting kit isn’t like any other marijuana drying kit or Cannabis drying hangers you’ve encountered. 

It’s far easier to set up and operate by a 2-man crew in your drying room or store. 

Its major component includes;

  • 1 – HarvestRack
  • 1 – DriFlowerRack
  • 3 – 6′ Aluminum Sticks
  • 8 – Patented J-Bracket
  • 24 – Patented J-Hangers
  • 1 – Fastener Pack

The Classic HangHarvesting kit is characterized by its ease of use, less handling, and sturdy ergonomics. 

It comes in two unique sizes; small and large kits.

The small kits can handle flower harvest of up to 15 pounds, while the large kits can hold up to 24 pounds of trimmed flowers per kit.

The Classic HangHarveting kit helps guarantee quality because it encourages less handling and tampering. It’s sturdy and can hold your flowers for as long as you want them to stay while drying.  

The patented J-Hangers are designed to keep the flowers in position and to ensure they stay on without falling off. 

Each of the Hang Harvestings has three 6” aluminum sticks which essentially hold the Patented J-hangers.

All our  Hang Harvesting kits help you streamline the harvest process, minimize crop handling, simplify transport, easily organize your dry space with one-touch hanging and maximize airflow during drying.

You can check out our other efficient Hang harvesting kits that work to help you save enough space for other operations and functions. 

Drying Conditions that Reduces Damages in Cannabis

Yeah, we’ve shown you some baller kits that work to improve your drying game. Now, let’s quickly touch on some useful tips to help you reduce damage while drying. 

First, it’s important to note that heat kills the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis. When drying your buds, you should allow them at least 48 hours of exposure to low humidity, temperature, and airflow. 

It’s important to dry your flowers slowly. So, ensure that the storage room has the right temperature and humidity levels. Try to keep the drying room between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And also to ensure humidity stays in the range of 45-55%. 

During hot temperatures and low airflow, you can use small fans to circulate the air but ensure these fans are not directed at the weed. 

If you can follow these tips and add our HangHarvesting Kits to your routine, you will be proud of the premium quality you would maintain at the end of your drying.

I’m sure you want to make the best use of your time, reduce labor costs, and maintain the premium quality of your flower from the harvest field to the storage room. Then, DriFlower has got you covered. We’re willing to Grow with you, so come Hang with us!

We offer the best innovative cannabis drying hangers in Ashland, Oregon, and many growers have been getting impressive results. 

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