Why are so many commercial growers now investing in effective drying racks for marijuana? Well, that’s simply because these devices make the whole process efficient and time-saving. More so, it reduces the cost of labor and yields a high-quality product.

One efficient cannabis drying rack that commercial growers are raving about is the DriFlower Shelving Rack Conversion Kit. This kit is built to fit the heavy-duty garage shelving unit, and it comes with 72 -Patented 21″ J-Hangers, 12 – Shelving Unit Brackets, and 6 – 7′ 7″ Aluminum Sticks.

You cannot say you’re a successful grower when you still use rack systems that are not safe and come with security issues. As the market becomes more competitive, you must embrace an efficient way to organize and streamline your harvest while cutting labor costs.

If you’re still having doubts about using the cannabis drying racks, this article will take you through some of the benefits of these tools.

Why do you need drying racks for cannabis?

Below are some of the benefits you derive from using the drying racks for managing your hemp or cannabis produce:

High product quality

The method of hang-drying allows for an efficient drying process that helps to preserve a higher level of THC and cannabinoids in your cannabis. More so, the process allows for better airflow, preventing the buildup of humidity, which can result in the growth of mold and mildew.

You get a great result and monitor the drying process, without spending too much on labor. Who wouldn’t love to have that?

You can get our Shelving Rack Conversion Kit to maintain the high quality of your flower. More so you save time, save space, and save a lot of money.

Also, you can get our complete kit – DriFlower Classic HangHarvesting Kit – that handles both your harvesting and drying process – This kit is constructed with durable and quality components to help ease your harvesting and maximize your drying space.

Good control of your environment

The use of the cannabis drying racks creates an even arrangement for your cannabis or hemp, thus, allowing a consistent quality. The even spacing and airflow allow your product to dry more evenly.

You should always keep in mind that managing a large commercial amount of cannabis needs special attention from you. The drying racks for marijuana make the whole process stress-free.

You can see how dope your grow looks as it is hanging on the racks in an organized manner.

Efficient space management

If you are used to drying rooms with floor racks, you cannot argue the fact that it can become problematic, especially when you’re dealing with a huge amount of produce. It takes so much of your space that you may not have more room for other operations.

The Cannabis drying racks help to eliminate this problem as it allows for more efficient use of your existing space.

For instance, the Shelving Rack Conversion Kit has more hangers packed per square foot. Each kit contains 72 -Patented small J-Hangers, 12 – Shelving Unit Brackets, and 6 – 7′ 7″ Aluminum Sticks.

More so, our cannabis drying racks eliminate safety and security concerns and you don’t have to account for any additional time to work off the ground.

Reduce labor cost

The traditional drying method requires a team of workers to work together. The plant material has to pass between the ground team and ladder team, and this can be labor-intensive.

The cannabis drying racks, on the other hand, allow for an easy hanging process with reduced labor. With the push of a button, you can lower the racks, so there is no need for any team of laborers at different sections. This also reduces your expenses for cultivators.

Reduced safety risks

As employees do not need to climb any height to hang plants, the use of the cannabis drying rack reduces the risk of back injuries as well as those associated with standing on ladders.

Workers can easily work comfortably on the ground as the cannabis is easily reachable. Besides, your workspace is organized with one-touch hanging, and you can unload your hangers in a fraction of the time.

Final Remark

As a commercial cannabis grower, you shouldn’t make your drying process much of a burden. You can simplify the process and deliver higher-quality products using cannabis drying racks.

If you’re looking for the best place to shop for an efficient cannabis drying rack, DriFlower is just your one-stop store. Our products are developed with laser precision machine engineering in Oregon USA. We are committed to giving the best in quality and craftsmanship and our customer service is excellent.

You can check our store to see our wide range of Hangharvesting kits or get our Shelving Rack Conversion Kit. When you buy the kit as a whole, you save over $150 compared to when you buy the items individually.