Transporting marijuana is not easy if you plan to do it the so-called ‘usual way’. You have to consider lots of logistics, including getting a truck, more manpower, and large drying space.

The above was the case until we took the wheel to bring you innovative equipment that helps organize and manage your dry space, save time, and save money.

Here are the good news guys! – If you’ve got a shipping container at your disposal, you can now create an unparalleled HangHarvesting drying space using our shipping container conversion kit. This special kit can serve as a mobile drying room when other options are unsuitable.

You probably never thought this could work, but DriFlower has got you covered. We offer cutting-edge hangers and hardwares needed to convert that Shipping Container into a super-cool dry space everyone would love to see. No one has ever thought about this!

What More About the DriFlower Shipping Container Conversion kit?

Our Shipping Container Conversion Kit is one of the biggest modern options to consider if you have limited drying space and have a large harvest to handle. 

It might interest you to know that with our shipping container conversion kit, you can hang up to 120 pounds or more of cannabis or hemp flowers per twenty feet of the length of the container.

Hey, our container conversion kit does not work like the regular caravan where you pile marijuana leaves. Don’t get it wrong. Instead, It is a spacious room for drying where you can have a nice two-foot path down the middle. But you may choose to stuff your container to the gills, especially when you’re using the 41” hangers. 

For every 20 ft shipping container conversion kit, you can hold up to 120 J-hangers (31 or 41). So It is the perfect choice for you if you control a large-scale marijuana business and

All our kits and system essentials are made with laser-precision engineering. The J-Hangers, Sticks, connectors, and other important joiners are made of aluminum that is durable and lasts long.

The best part is that our shipping container conversion kit is easy to assemble and install – As smooth as cheese. You do not have to worry about set-up but note that you have to purchase or find your shipping container separately. 

On purchase, you will get all the equipment below.

  • X3 Top Cross-Bars
  • X6 Hanging Stick Slot Supports
  • X6 19 Segmented Aluminum Sticks
  • Lock Pins, connectors, couplers, and other necessary hardware

You may choose to go with either the 31 or 41 J-Hangers. It all depends on the size of your harvest.

Generally, our container can be very helpful if you don’t have the resources to acquire more land space to handle your large drying needs. 

A couple more of our special marijuana drying kits will help you enjoy more space.

Other Growing Equipment We Have on Sale?

While our shipping container conversion kit is a cool harvest and drying kit, we still have other amazing kits on sale that you may check out.

Some of our hemp harvesting equipment for sale include:

Complete Drying Kits

Our complete drying kits include the Classic HangHarvesting Kit and the Pro Pods. These two kits allow you to handle large harvests. If you have medium to large cannabis or hemp produce, these two special kits will help you dry them effortlessly.

Rolling Drying Kits

Our rolling drying kits are smaller than the complete drying kits and containers. They have step-locking castors, making them movable and eliminating lifting stress.  

We have the best hangers & hardware needed to manage your drying space and improve your workflow.

Now, here’s the part we all love to see –  the prices for our kits are ridiculously cheap for the high value they offer. So you don’t have any excuse to keep doing it the old way. Step up your game today!