For many post-harvest difficulties like cannabis molds, spraying the cannabis plant with hydrogen peroxide mixtures works like magic. However, microbial attacks are not the only harvest or post-harvest difficulties cannabis growers face. 

Growers can easily handle many of these problems using appropriate post-harvest equipment. Without a strategic or hands-on solution, growers would not rightly address major conflicting issues like crop decay and overdry. And they need to be properly addressed to improve your crop yield and profit margin. 

In this article, you’d find actionable solutions that would help you deal with most harvest and post-harvest-related crises.

Post-harvest Equipment Solutions for Cannabis Growers

If it’s finally time to harvest your cannabis, one of the obvious signs would be discoloration/color change. The flower pistils would turn amber, and the trichomes would cease to be translucent. For certainty, you can observe this color change using a hand lens or microscope. When it comes to cannabis harvesting, timing plays a critical role. Cannabinoid degradation often occurs when cannabis is harvested too early or too late. 

Processing cannabis requires attention to detail and proficiency as harvesting often involves trimming and redressing cannabis flowers in preparation for drying. Drying is the stage in cannabis processing with the most exposure. It’s where most of the flower and bud rot happens. Sometimes it’s the case of overdrying, and other times, it’s the case of under-drying. The good news, however, is that these problems are always associated with the state and type of equipment you use in your cannabis harvesting procedures. 

While conventional oven-dry might be the long-accepted approach to drying cannabis, they are not very efficient and are the major underlying cause of over-drying in cannabis. Good News is that there’s a better way to dry your cannabis. 

Hangharvesting is a new approach to drying your cannabis. It’s a drying process that uses viable and more practical post-harvest equipment that improves efficiency and results in cannabis drying processes. The hemp harvesting equipment like the classic kit and Pro Pods have compact designs that make them usable for drying cannabis flowers even in small confined spaces like your garage. It’s the right harvest solution for Ashland, Oregon growers, and growers in and around the U.S.

Why Hangharvesting is a Reliable Post-Harvest Solution

Hangharvesting with the best hangharvesting kits is the perfect solution for two reasons. 

It helps make the best use of space/resources.

Hangharvesting helps you make the best use of limited space for drying your cannabis. Since the equipment is compact and fairly mobile, they are the best use of limited space, making it easier for your flowers to hang freely and lose moisture in record time. 

Ease of Use

Hangharvesting is an easy approach to drying cannabis flowers. In addition to being compact and usable in small spaces, these post-harvesting kits are easy to use. In turn, this cuts the manual labor that’s needed to tend to your flowers post-harvest. After a complete setup of these harvesting kits, use becomes very seamless. 

There are many processing operations involved in processing cannabis. They include;

  • Cutting
  • Trimming
  • Drying
  • Curing
  • Storage
  • Packaging

Drying is by far the most important post-harvest procedure for cannabis harvesting. This part of cannabis processing involves water activity, equilibrium moisture content, sorption isotherms, and so on. It also directly affects the quality and quantity of cannabinoid yield.

Best Cannabis Harvesting Practises

Cannabis harvesting doesn’t come on a platter, so it takes some dedication and attention to detail to get it right. Utilizing proven cannabis harvesting practices only increases your odds of success. Here are some of the best cannabis harvesting practices. 

  • Flush your cannabis flower one week before harvesting
  • Selectively pick the right time to harvest based on trichome color
  • Choose between wet or dry trimming
  • Prepare/sterile equipment
  • Dry plants with Hangharvesting.

Other dependent variables might include the strain of flowers in question. The number of days it takes to dry the flower will vary by strain. Simply put, Indica plants take about 50 to 60 days. In contrast, Sativa plants can stay in bloom longer, usually between 60 and 70 days. Harvesting plants too early or too late can affect potency and yields, lessening the flower’s quality.

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