Of course, no one loves to be stressed while going about their cannabis and hemp harvesting and drying routine.

But conventional methods have long placed a lot of demand on our time, space, and money. The worst part is that your product stands the risk of damage.

The DriFlower Rolling Harvest rack simplifies the process of harvesting buds without killing plants and moving your cannabis or hemp product to your drying space. This innovative hemp harvesting equipment is built with step-locking castors that make it easy to roll up to your harvest and stuff your hangers with your premium flower.

Just one touch throughout the whole harvesting and drying, preserving the quality of your produce. Isn’t that amazing?

What Does Conventional Cannabis or Hemp Harvesting Involve?

Conventional methods require a team of four or more workers who spend hours (on small operations) growing cannabis and hemp, harvesting the product and throwing them in the wagon or trailer, and moving the crops to the drying space.

A lot of things go wrong during this process.

Firstly, you have more hands touching your product, putting your product at risk of damage. And remember, product loss equates to profit loss and more expenses.

Secondly, you tend to spend more time cutting your harvest and arranging them into totes and bags before transporting them to the drying area.

Unfortunately, cut crops that sit for too long lose their visual appeal and their resins and oils, all of which define the quality of your product.

And with the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products, there is now much emphasis on product quality. So do you still want to take chances? There’s a better way to get the best.

Jay Larkins and the DriFlower team have been working hard since 2005 to create a better system to harvest and dry your cannabis and hemp.

We envisioned a streamlined process of harvesting cannabis and hemp, minimizing hand touching and reducing the time spent to move the product to the drying space.

After much research and experimenting, we created the DriFlower’s Hang Harvesting System Oregon. The Rolling Harvesting Rack is one of the most efficient systems of harvesting and moving cannabis and hemp to the drying space.

What makes the Rolling Harvesting Rack a premium tool?

You no longer need more laborers to handle your harvest.  One man can now conveniently move your harvest from the grow room to the dry room. Yes, the Rolling Harvesting Rack is the deal now!

This innovative marijuana harvesting equipment is designed with step-locking castors. This makes it easy to move a fully loaded stick of hangers from the filled to the dry space.

All you need to do is stuff your hangers on the rack and gently push the rack to your dry space, where you transfer your product with ease. After unloading, you can then move the Rolling harvesting rack back to the field or greenhouse and repeat.

This is less stressful, man! I believe you now see why every grower needs this innovative harvest tool.

That’s not all. Here are some more interesting features that make the DriFlower Rolling Harvesting Rack a premium tool:

· You can easily assemble it in a couple of minutes, and boom, it is ready to roll.

· It comes with open J-Brackets that allow you to transfer the stick easily if you choose to.

· This rack can hold any size DriFlower Hanger – 21”, 31”, 41” or the Pro-hangers.

What More About this Harvest Rack?

You can decide to move an entire stick of J-hangers to your rolling Dri-Rack or stuff your hangers while they are secure and held steady on the rolling rack. Either way, you will be saving a lot of time, space, and MONEY. It’s a Win-Win thing!

Now imagine! Wouldn’t you go any length to get a system that allows you to harvest your hemp and cannabis faster and more efficiently than other methods? You can even track metrics and easily monitor performance. More so, you get to reduce damages caused by tots, nets, and over-handling.

The DriFlower Rolling Harvest Rack is your best bet right now for stress-free harvesting of your cannabis or hemp products.

You can get this hemp harvesting equipment for sale today or order our hangers & hardware to custom-build your own system to suit your growing space.