Utilizing a marijuana drying rack is an excellent idea for growers that want to enhance profitability and efficiency for their drying and storage facilities. That drying process is very key in the potency of cannabis, so your equipment must be on a top level to deliver that excellent output to customers. And your available space plays a critical factor in it. This is why you need to optimize innovative tools such as cannabis drying racks.

You may not find this as a useful option if your drying space is clogged with much equipment. But if you find yourself running into this situation, there are still some simple ways you can maximize your cannabis drying rack to manage space within your facility and for your overall efficiency. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at what Cannabis drying racks are.

What is  Marijuana Drying Rack?

The marijuana drying rack is an innovative tool that helps growers and cultivators dry their cannabis evenly. Traditionally, operators place plants and buds horizontally on shelves to let them dry properly. 

Another cost-effective method is to use hang-drying racks in your warehouse or drying space. Drying your weed evacuates moisture from it and prevents the growth of mold or mildew on it.

Two proper strategies used in drying marijuana include using a drying rack or hanging them upside down. The use of drying racks makes the drying even while utilizing the hang drying method is a more direct drying method. 

Drying racks for cannabis plants come with lots of benefits to cannabis operators. For instance, it helps to promote workspace management and lessens the risk of mold developing on weeds. These are key reasons commercial cannabis operators will rather opt for drying rack solutions.

So, Why Should You Dry Your Cannabis?

If you are still unsure about deploying drying racks for your business, here are some reasons high-fliers in the cannabis industry are considering it:

  • It improves product shelf life. Properly dried weed can stay for about 2 years without going bad.
  • It improves smoothness and product quality. When you dry your weed properly, the chlorophyll breakdown makes the weeb of high quality compared to when they are not adequately dried.
  • It gives your product a good taste. People who are too impatient about allowing their weed to dry will end up not benefiting from the great taste it would have offered. When it is dry, the chlorophyll turns into sugar and makes the bitter taste a kind of saccharine one, which is what your cannabis should normally have.
  • Drying improves the potency of your product. Once you harvest weed, it stops forming resins and starts losing potency. But by drying them, you’ll be slowing down the process and in essence, they will retain their potency for a longer time.

Simple Ways to Use Marijuana Drying Rack

The process of cannabis harvesting and drying has gotten easier with our harvest drying rack solutions. Your hemp and cannabis do not have to be subjected to the possibility of being crushed during the process of transporting them

We, at DriFlower, have developed simple and innovative ways to use drying racks to preserve the quality of your flower and save space, time, and cost of labor. And with people opting more for quality rather than quantity, it is important to get things right with these simple solutions:

DriFlower Hemp Harvest Racks

This cannabis dry rack solution has been a timely solution for cannabis growers to preserve their flower quality while maintaining timeliness and cost-effectiveness. Simply cut your crops and hang them directly on the high-grade hangers and you won’t need to touch them again until they are properly dry. 

These harvest drying rack solutions will work for both J-hangers and Pro-hangers and can be easily transferred to their drying space.

Two main categories of the DriFlower racking system are indoor and racks.

The Indoor Racks

There are three main types: Lil’Buddy Lil’Buddy, Rolling Harvest Rack, and Rolling Dri-Rack.


The Lil’Buddy is majorly used for small-scale harvest and can move through a standard doorway. It has wheels that enhance smooth movement around and can be easily deployed with any size of J-hanger 21” – 31” – 41”).

Rolling Harvest Rack

The Rolling Harvest Rack is good when you have a good indoor space and you just need to roll your harvest around. It is specifically designed to hold 91” LockPin sticks and even larger aluminum sticks. And you can achieve so much with it even as a sole operator.

Rolling Dri-Rack

The Rolling Dri-Rack is your go-to drying rack for a variety of drying options even when you don’t have sufficient workspace but want to enjoy some versatility and flexibility. It is designed with three levels and is capable of as many hangers as a 91” stick can hold. It also has step-locking castors that make it possible to roll evenly through a standard doorway.

Outdoor Racks

Outdoor Racks include J-Harvest Racks and Pro-Harvest Racks.

J-Harvest Racks

With J-Harvest Racks you only need to cut and hang your plants on J-hangers on the rack. It is built to be used with J-jangers for simplicity, stability, and mobility. It can also be easily assembled and is not heavyweight.

Pro-Harvest Rack

Pro-Harvest Rack is another outdoor equipment that is flexible to hold using either J-Hangers or Pro-Hangers. It can be easily managed and is very stable. As the name implies, Pro-Hangers can be used confidently with a large harvest. Once you have stuck the hangers on the rack, pick them up and move them for drying and onto the Dri-Racks.