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Now you can level up your dry space by hanging down.  Whether your goal is to eliminate permanent installations, or hang level after level from a DriFlower Winch Conversion Kit, add another drying level to your grow-tent conversion kit, or hang another level from any driflower hanger bar… the DriFlower Hook-Up Stick is where it’s at.

Simply hang two Hook-Up Sticks on either end of a pre-existing DriFlower set up, then insert another DriFlower Stick in the inverted brackets and BOOM!  You’re done.  Now you can hang an additional level of hangers on a perfectly spaced DriFlower Stick.

We’ve made it easy.  The DriFlower Hook-Up Stick comes in 2 lengths, 30″ (for the recommended standard cola cuts) and 60″ (for hanging whole plants.

Make sure to order two Hook-Up sticks of you preferred spacing, and also make sure to order a DriFlower Stick to match the size of your other sticks.

** Grow-Tent Conversion Kit owners, make sure to select the Tent-Kit Stick.

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30" Hook-Up (single stick), 60" Hook-Up (single stick)


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