Grow-Tent Conversion Kit



  •  Adjustable Chain-Elevations
  •  Metal Tent-Stick Hanger Bar
  •  J-Hangers that fit your kit

Choose the TENT / KIT SIZE that’s right for your set up:

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The DriFlower™ Grow-Tent Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert your grow tent into an efficient HangHarvesting drying tent!  You Already Know.  A simple and unique design, the DriFlower Grow-Tent Conversion Kit is for home-growers and cultivators that use tents.  Space is always a consideration in any grow and any dry space.  Maximize what you’ve got by drying where you grow.  Simply hang the grow tent conversion from the tent ceiling bars and stuff your hangers!  Choose the TENT / KIT SIZE that’s right for your grow.

Have a 5 x 5 ft grow tent?  Step up to the Forest Ranger Kit with 41″ J-Hangers (5) and live larger than life.  You’ll be knocking down trees, maximizing your space and stuffing that tent with everything you’ve got!

Have a 4 x 4 ft grow tent?  Get the Trail Blazer Kit with 31″ J-Hangers (5) and ignite your full drying potential.

Have a 3 x 3 ft grow tent?  Get the Summit Seeker Kit with 31″ J-Hangers (4) and pack those hangers proper.

Have a 2 x 4 ft grow tent?  Get the Happy Camper Kit with 21″ J-Hangers (5) for the size that’s just right.

Going bigger? 4 x 8 ft? 10 x 10 ft?  Double up on the kits that fit your space, side to side, front to back, top to bottom.

We’ve made this kit so simple to assemble and so easy to install.

Every Grow-Tent Conversion Kit contains:

  •  Adjustable Chains & Elevation-Bars (x 2)
  •  Tent-Stick Hanger Bar (x 1)
  •  The right J-Hangers that fit your kit (x5)

Save time, save money, save space, improve the quality of your flower, and invite your friends over to check out how dope your grow looks when it’s hanging proper.  Organize and streamline your workflow with the DriFlower™ Grow-Tent Conversion Kit.  Professional drying techniques and equipment in your home grower’s set up!

Scale up over time.  All DriFlower components, the hangers, sticks, brackets, racks fit with one another.

Curious about what is the best solution for you?  Contact us via DM on Instagram, by email, or give us a call.  We’re here to help you get the most out of your harvest.

Discover all the benefits of using DriFlower’s Kits, Hangers and Hardware for yourself: streamline the harvest process, minimize crop handling, simplify transport, easily organize your dry space with one-touch hanging, maximize airflow during drying, keep your product sanitary, and unload your hangers in a fraction of the time. Want to know more?  Check out these videos.

All DriFlower products are built to last and made in Oregon, USA.

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Weight122 lbs
Dimensions48 × 7.4375 × 4 in


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