Are you using too much space for drying your cannabis and hemp produce and need some flexibility and versatility? I understand how you feel. And yeah, it’s time to LEVEL UP with the Rolling Dri-Rack.  

I have been in the cannabis growing business for over 30 years now and I understand how it can be frustrating to spend so much time harvesting and transporting your crops to the drying space.

Unfortunately, many growers are still frustrated today just like I was many years ago. Well, thanks to the DriFlower Team!

Good news for you. We’ve figured out an amazing way to do it better – Shorter harvest time, better set up to manage drying space, simplified transport, and faster unloading of your hangers.

Yes, we’re always excited and proud to recommend the Rolling Dri-Rack, which is the ultimate solution for dry room flexibility. You just roll this cannabis drying rack from where you cut to where you dry…simple!

Why Growers Are Now Using the Rolling Dri-Rack

You’re probably asking, “Why should I invest in the Rolling Dri-Rack?” Well, a lot of professional growers have stepped up their drying game with this hang harvesting system, and I will tell you why…

Now, imagine;

  • The Rolling Dri-Rack can hold up to 240 wet pounds (24 lbs dried or trimmed), all within a 7.5” × 3.5 footprint. Isn’t that amazing? That’s what the Rolling Dri-Rack offers you!
  • This rack is built with three levels of 91” LockPin hanging sticks that can hold as many hangers as you can stuff on it.
  • This rack has a broad base and step-locking castors that you can easily roll through doorways without the need for any truck.
  • This rack allows you to manage your top-of-the-line indoor space.

Each of the patented hangers can hold up to 10 pounds of cannabis or hemp. So you have eight of that on a stick, and three of the stick on the rack… that’s how you can hang and dry up to 240 wet pounds of cannabis and hemp on the Rolling Dri-Rack. Yeah, it’s no brainer!

Smart Ways to Stay Versatile with the Rolling Dri-Rack

Here’s what I found out…

You can actually pair the Rolling Dri-Rack with the Rolling Harvest-Rack.

Here’s how it works – If you’ve got a baller indoor space for drying and you need some flexibility, you can simply roll up the Rolling Harvest Rack (it’s also built with industrial locking castors) to the field or harvesting space and stuff the hangers with your premium flowers.

After loading the hangers, which are securely held steady on the Rolling Harvest Rack, you can easily move the rack to your drying space with no pressure, and transfer the entire stick of J-Hangers flowers to the Rolling Dri-Rack.

After unloading, you can roll the Harvest-Rack over to the next plants to harvest and repeat.

When your flowers are dry, you can simply roll the Rolling Dri-Racks out of the way, and use your dry space, perhaps your garage, for something else.

This is sleek, and you’ve just saved time, space, and money. Win-win!

Stay Flexible With your Cannabis and Hemp Drying

So when I asked you to level up in flexibility and versatility, you probably thought I was going to be another motivational speaker, ahah! But no dude, I am trying to show you a better way to do it.

You must have realized that the cannabis-growing game is changing at a fast pace. We don’t have all the time to be doing it the old way.

Like I always say…the DriFlower Hang Harvesting system is just like a tractor next to a horse. The horse is the old way – perhaps you learned it from the old guys!

But you need to Level up and stay Versatile and flexible, especially in your harvesting and hanging game.

The DriFlower Rolling Dri-Rack is easy to assemble, with no stress. And with a 91” (L) × 42” (W) × 79” (H) dimension, you can hold up to 240 wet pounds of your flowers. Amazing right?

Get this cannabis drying rack today and add some flexibility and versatility to your cannabis and hemp drying.

I bet you’ll come back to thank me! Well, DriFlower has got your back in this game. Come hang with us, let’s grow with you! 

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