Times are changing fast in the cannabis-growing world, and now, you can work smarter and save more money with efficient hemp harvesting equipment. You never would imagine a standard pallet rack, the kind you find in big box stores, could help you dry your cannabis or hemp more efficiently, saving you a lot of space, cost, and time.

You really need to see this Pallet Rack Conversion Kit by DriFlower. This kit can hold approximately 60 pounds or more of premium hemp flowers. Isn’t that amazing!

DriFlower has a simple vision: Create innovative HangHarvestingTM system kits to streamline the process of cannabis harvesting and drying. And since 2005, we’ve worked so hard to simplify things to put smiles on the faces of cannabis growers – both the home-growers and the large-scale cannabis & hemp farmers.

Why should you consider the Pallet Rack Conversion Kit?

Many cannabis and hemp growers are used to the old idea of cutting crops, throwing them in the trailer, and moving to a drying space. This works no doubt, but it’s high time you embraced smarter ways that saves you time, money, and efforts.

Do you realize the changing times have placed a higher demand on the quantity and quality of cannabis and hemp produce? So why do you want to waste time, employ lots of laborers, and spend so much? That’s where the DriFlower HangHarvesting system comes in.

Our Pallet Rack Conversion kit is a smart system you can use for your cannabis growing needs. You only need to have the standard pallet racks, and this system would simplify your whole harvesting and drying process.

You might be asking, how does this Pallet Rack Conversion Kit help? Well, this kit comes with everything you need to convert your simple pallet rack into a baller drying rack.

Unique Features of the Pallet Rack Conversion Kit

Each kit comes with 12- Pallet Rack Brackets, 60 Patented Large J-Hangers, and 6- 8’10” Aluminum sticks. These 60 hangers can hold about 60 pounds or more of your premium flowers. You can hang approximately one pound-worth of dried and trimmed cannabis or hemp flower on each 41” J-hangers.

The thrilling part is that, with this Pallet Rack Conversion Kit, you can efficiently maximize your drying space.

You can get this DriFlower HangHarvesting Kit today and feel the difference. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you get to save space, save money, save time, and improve the quality of your flower.

 Listen! You don’t need those warehouse or factory extensions when you’ve got a pallet rack sitting idly around you. That’s a great tool to manage your cannabis or hemp drying capacity without taking up much space.

What if you don’t have pallet rack shelving?

You might say, “This isn’t for me; I’ve got no pallet rack at my disposal.” Well, you don’t need to feel left out, my friend. The good news is that this is not the only way to achieve a simplified harvesting and drying system. DriFlower has got you covered on other simplified systems.

Using our Shelving rack conversion kit, you can also create a perfect HangHarvesting system. Or you can simply custom-build your dry space using our hangers and hardware.

Note: If you have a large-scale operation, you can also contact us for a quote on a custom build to help you maximize your available drying space.

What are the benefits of the DriFlower’s HangHarvesting Kits?

For several years now, we have been the premier provider of innovative kits, hangers & hardware to simplify harvesting, organize transporting and manage the drying process.

Here are some unique benefits cannabis growers enjoy using our DriFlower’s Kits:

  • Our kits help you streamline your harvest process, minimize crop handling, simplify the transport of your crops, and organize your dry space.
  • Our HangHarvesting kits encourage one-touch hanging.
  • Our kits maximize hair flow during the drying process.
  • Our kits help you unload your hangers in a fraction of time.
  • Our kits help you save money, time, and space.

Closing Remark

Looking at all these benefits, you don’t want to miss out on this efficient and reliable Hang Harvesting equipment for sale by Jay Larkins and the DriFlower team.

Quit using inefficient hanging methods, such as drying with trellis, nets, wires, etc. More often than not, these methods will cause severe damage to your crops and waste a lot of space and time.

If you can get hold of a pallet rack, then do not hesitate to order this Hang Harvesting Oregon product-  Pallet Rack Conversion Kit  – to maximize your drying space.

But if you don’t have one and want something just as simple, you can check related products or get our hangers & hardware to custom build what’s suitable for your harvesting and drying needs.