Do you know you can now harvest and hang your cannabis or hemp directly onto innovative hangers & hardware of a cannabis drying kit? You don’t have to waste a lot of time anymore, harvesting, packing your produce in totes or bags, and transporting it to your drying space where you spend hours hanging on a trellis, wires, and other conventional tools.

Many cannabis and hemp growers have reported poor product quality after putting their crops through several hurdles from harvesting to drying and curing.

The DriFlower team envisioned a better, easier, and streamlined way to run hemp flower drying while maintaining flower quality. After much experimentation and research, the team finally designed the DriFlowers’ patented Hang Harvesting Solutions.  This system is as smooth as butter!

Why is Hemp Flower Drying Important?

Growing cannabis and hemp, whether on a small scale or large-scale level, requires a huge investment of time, money, and effort. So you don’t want to mess things up when it gets to the drying stage.

Unfortunately, conventional drying methods put plants at risk of damage. You know, the damage is expected when you have to push your flowers through tiny net holes to dry them and pull them out when the drying process is complete.

More so, using wire, net, trellis and other conventional hanging methods take up more space. This can leave you with little or no space to carry out other operations, especially when you’re trying to manage limited space.

Again, having many hands touch your cannabis and hemp produce increases the risk of damage and loss. This is common with conventional methods.

Now, the changing times have placed so much demand on the quantity and quality of cannabis and hemp harvest. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of hemp and hemp-derived products, there’s much emphasis on product quality.

So it’s either give a good quality or run out of business, as there are so many competitors out there trying to stay ahead in the industry.

Cannabis Drying Kit: Streamlining and Organizing Your Hemp Drying Process

The DriFlower hang harvesting system is a game-changer! This system simplifies harvesting and organizes your hemp flower drying in a way that preserves the quality of the flowers.

Using the marijuana drying kits, you can hang your hemp directly onto innovative hangers immediately after harvesting. And you can accomplish this within minutes.  Everyone truly needs these cannabis drying kits.

Luckily, DriFlower has designed a collection of products to organize hemp flower drying immediately after harvesting. These products save you time, space, and money, and protect your flower quality.

Without further ado, here is a list of some innovative DriFlower Hang Harvesting Systems that you can get to simplify your cannabis drying process:

Shipping Container Conversion Kit

This kit includes everything you need to convert your shipping container into an efficient drying space. You can hang up to 120 pounds or more of premium flower for every twenty feet of the container’s length.

So for a forty-foot shipping container, you just need two kits to hold up to 240 pounds of flowers. Isn’t that awesome? You can get this shipping container conversion kit today to improve your flower quality, save time, save space, and save money.

Pallet Rack Conversion Kit

This kit offers you everything you need to convert a new or existing pallet rack into an efficient drying system. The packet rack conversion kit can hold approximately 60 pounds or more of premium flower on 60 hangers arranged in a single pallet rack space.

 So if you’ve got pallet racks, you can order this weed drying rack for sale to maximize your drying space, save time and money, and improve the quality of your flower.

Shelving Rack Conversion Kit

This is another drying rack for cannabis plants. It contains everything you need to convert a home improvement store shelving unit into an efficient drying space. It carries more hangers packed in per square foot than any of our other kits.

Interestingly, the shelving rack conversion kit can hold up to 36 pounds of flowers on 72 hangers. And more hangers mean more profit for you as you’re able to dry larger amounts of quality flowers.

Pro Pods

The Pro pods are the best choice for trucking and drying large qualities of hemp or cannabis. This kit can be set up with either 6 sticks (3 levels holding 48 hangers) or 8 sticks (4 levels holding 64 hangers).

The Pro hangers hold about 1-1.25 pounds of dried flower on average. So a single pro pod can hold up to 48 to 80 pounds of flowers.

The beauty of Pro pods is that you can stack them up three levels high, providing up to 24 vertical feet of an efficient drying system.

Once the sticks are loaded, you can easily lift each pod via forklift and move it to your drying facility. This way, you reduce labor, manage space, and dry larger quantities of hemp or cannabis without compromising their quality.

There are other efficient cannabis drying kits like the Classic Hang harvesting kit and hardware kit, which work to support efficient harvesting and drying.

As a Do-it-yourselfer, you can also custom-build your dry space using our hangers & hardware. You can also contact us to help custom-build for you if you have a large-scale operation.

Step up your cannabis and hemp drying game today with the DriFlower hang harvesting kits. All our products are designed with laser precision engineering and are built to last.

You can now preserve the quality and integrity of your flower while managing your space, time, and money.