Cannabis growers are always looking for the best way to optimize or manage their cannabis drying space. While some poised solutions might help, hang harvesting kits by DriFlower have taken it to the next level. 

These hang harvesting kits are second to none in their approach to making the best use of available space. The Grow-tent conversion kit is an outstanding solution that helps optimize space and all the equipment you’d need to convert a tent into an unparalleled hang harvesting drying space.

Since these grow tents are super convenient and affordable, they are becoming a hot commodity amongst growers with sky-high round-the-globe demand. In this article, we’d be exploring four of the significant benefits that come with utilizing a grow tent for drying your cannabis. 

Top 4 Benefits of Implementing the Grow-tent Conversion Kit 

The Grow-tent is one of the innovative hemp drying equipment you can easily find in Ashland, Oregon. It efficiently helps you make the best use of the limited space available. It offers up to 4 unique advantages and benefits over any other cannabis drying approach.

  1. Save Time

There’s a lot you might have been told to do in preparation for drying and curing your cannabis. Sometimes it involves building or creating some space. This might include making a shelter that protects your flowers from harsh weather. We can agree that amongst all types of existing covers, building a tent saves you a great deal of time. 

What’s even better is that you can convert these tents into hang spaces for your cannabis using the grow-tent conversion kit.

  1. It Ensures a Safer Indoor Operation

There’s no denying the role that safety plays in the quality control and preservation of your cannabis. However, it’s commonly overlooked by most at best. Making the in-door tent environment might include bringing in both electricity, which is a potentially harmful situation. As such, using a compact conversion kit that helps you rightly organize your tent is of priority. 

Our grow-tent conversion kit contains all the right equipment to get your space adequately organized and prepared for drying and curing. These parts include; 

  • Adjustable Drop-Down Chain-Bars (x 2)
  •  Tent Stick Hang Bar (x 1)
  •  Optional choice of 31″ or 41″ J-Hangers (x 6)
  • Simple construction built to last
  1. Affordable 

For a tent conversion package that helps you make the best use of your space and organize your flowers, it’s no surprise that they might come at a back-breaking price. As a result, affordability will not always apply. 

But, that’s different for the Driflower grow-tent conversion kit because they are affordable and pocket-friendly compared to the market value. The Kits are for a 4x4ft tent and a 5x5ft tent, costing below $320 per tent set up.

  1. Improved Environmental Control

With an entire grow tent pieced together and ready for drying and curing, there’s the possibility that you must be letting go of the precision control and proper management of the environment within and around ten tents. But it’s far from the truth.

In fact, the reality is that using a tent gives you more control over the environment as the spaces are more compact and can be easily monitored and fortified against pests and any other threat to your cannabis flowers.

While you might have been exposed to many methods for drying and curing your flowers, it’s best to look out for ways that incorporate simplicity, provide the optimum use of space, and are also reasonably affordable. 

It might seem like asking too much, but it’s the bare minimum you should look for if you are trying to maximize profit and control the quality of the cannabis flower you produce. 
Our solutions to your drying problems are always pocket-friendly and top of the line innovative.