As a commercial grower, you definitely know how delicate the hemp drying process is. So I’m sure you would love a system that simplifies the process while still preserving the premium quality of your flower. 

Undoubtedly, cannabis growing is a solid investment, but using traditional drying tools can be expensive, space-consuming, and labor-intensive.

Fortunately, DriFlower has come through for every cannabis and hemp grower. 

We have revolutionized the cannabis industry with new equipment and systems that efficiently optimize the harvesting and drying of marijuana flowers.. You can now get the latest equipment for cannabis drying and stand out with your drying methods.

The truth is that – what you know as the norm are nothing more than archaic methods compared to our cutting-edge equipment that is efficient, fast, and less stressful.

Simplified Systems for Cannabis Drying

The Complete kits

Our HangHarvesting Complete Kits give you all the benefits you wish for as a grower. They are designed to make your drying extremely easy and leave you with more space than your popular traditional drying equipment allows.

Whether you are a personal or commercial grower, our kit is one that you will find very flexible for your use.

Our complete kits include the classic kits and Pro pods.

The Classic HangHarvesting Kit

Gone are the days when cannabis drying requires extremely large wires – a method that puts your flowers at risk of damage. This complete Cannabis drying rack is very simple to use to organize your produce for efficient drying.

This kit offers options to cater to your operational needs.  

Each kit has three 6” aluminum sticks. Each stick holds eight hangers, making a total of 24 hangers for a single rack. 

You can simply cut your flowers and hang on the hangers. The good part is – that’s the last time you’re going to touch your crops with your hands until they are fully dry.

Each hanger can hold a huge amount of harvest, and you can choose between the small and large classic harvesting kits. 

The small kits can hold up to15 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers, while the large kits can hold up to 24 pounds of dried, trimmed flowers.

The Classic hang harvesting kit has all the tools that you need to set it up, including: 

  • 1 HarvestRack
  • 1 DriflowerRack
  • 3 – 6” Aluminum Sticks
  • 8 patented J Brackets
  • 24 J hangers
  • 1 Fastener Pack

Pro Pods

Our Pro pods are super-efficient for handling large quantities of hemp or cannabis. So if you have a large harvest and drying needs, you can simply get this complete kit that can hold up to 64 pro hangers on 8 Aluminum sticks arranged in an 8’ x 8’ x 8’ rack that is easily transportable. 

Each pro hanger that comes with our Pro pods can hold an average of 1 to 1.25 pounds of dried/trimmed flower. So a fully set up Pro Pod can hold approximately 48 to 80 pounds of flowers, all within an 8′ x 8′ footprint. Isn’t that amazing?

Once your pro pod is fully loaded, you can simply lift it via a forklift and place it on a transport vehicle and move it to your drying space. This helps reduce the amount of labor you would have needed to manage several stages from harvest to drying. So you get to save space, time, and money. 

Our Pro Pods come in two variations; A three-level option with six sticks and 48 hangers, and a four-level variation with eight sticks, and 64 hangers. Our kit is meant for high-scale drying, so if you operate on a large scale, you may consider adding this efficient system to your workflow. 

Indoor Kit

Our indoor kits are not as large as the complete kits. However, they are great if you grow cannabis or hemp on a small scale, have a baller indoor space, and desire the flexibility of rolling up to your harvest. 

Our indoor kits include the:

You can harvest your cannabis and hemp and hang them immediately on any size of J-hangers. The best part is that you can roll the harvest rack to your drying location without stress.  

Outdoor Kit

You can get our outdoor kits to help streamline the process of harvesting from your field or greenhouse and transferring onto Dri-racks. These kits are built to help you maintain a simple workflow. 

We have the J Harvest Rack and The Pro Harvest Rack, and both racks are lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to move. You can easily load your flowers on J-hangers or Pro-hangers, which are held steady on the racks. When you’re done, you simply move the rack to the drying space and load it onto your Dri-racks. 

In just a fraction of time, one man can actually accomplish what more manpower can achieve. 

It’s high time you step up on your harvest and drying methods. DriFlower is simply dedicated to making your harvesting and drying process simple and smooth, and that is why we have designed the best tools with laser-precision engineering just to help you stay efficient, as well as manage time, space, and money. 

You can get our herb drying racks for sale today and see the difference in results for yourself.