We know how hard it can be managing a little space for drying cannabis and hemp flowers, yeah, especially as a home grower. That’s where the DriFlower’s J-Hangers come in.

Most times, we tend to stack plants on top of each other, plant over the plant, and tote over tote. But this is not ideal, as leaving your cannabis and hemp produce in a confined space for too long can cause damage and encourage the growth of molds

Jay Larkins and the DriFlower team designed the J-Hangers to manage your smaller drying space, as well as reduce your time and labor cost on harvesting and drying.

How Do the J-Hangers Fit Smaller Drying Spaces?

The DriFlower J-Hangers are available in three options:

·         21” J –Hanger

·         31” J – Hanger

·         41” J – Hanger

21” J – Hangers for Indoor Growers

If you grow your cannabis or hemp indoors and have limited space to dry your flowers, DriFlower kits consisting of the 21” J-hanger are just what you need. 

Wondering what you’d benefit from these cannabis drying hangers with dimensions 21” (L) x 8” (H) x 0.25” (W)?

Well, with the 21” J-Hanger, you can easily organize your harvested flowers on a drying stick within a limited space. 

This is a better way to dry your crops compared to the use of net, wire, and trellis which takes up more space and subject your flowers to damage. Yeah, most of these conventional methods require you to push and pull plants through small openings.

The J-hangers protect the visual appeal and quality of your flower buds.

31” J- Hangers for residential and commercial settings

You can also use the J-hangers if you grow them at home. This midsize J-hanger helps to hold a mighty load at just the right size.  Apart from the home settings, it is also valuable for commercial growing space.

The DriFlower 31” J-hangers have overall dimensions of 31″(L) x 8″(H) x 0.25″(W), so they can help you manage a large amount of produce for drying purposes

If you’ve got a container at your disposal, you can simply get the Shipping Container Kit that comes with 31” J-Hangers. This way, you can streamline your harvest process, minimize your crop handling and easily transport your crop to the drying space.

41” J- Hangers for heavy usage in a commercial settings

The DriFlower 41” J-hangers is the ultimate cannabis hanger designed to handle full loads in any Hang Harvesting Situation.

This option is for commercial growers so as a home grower you may just stick with either the 21” J- Hanger or 31” J-Hanger.

If you decide to go commercial in your cannabis growing, you can get the Classic Large Hang Harvesting Kit that comes with 24 pieces of 41” J-Hangers to help you hold massive loads of harvest.

How to Use the J-Hangers For Smaller Drying Space

Whether you’re growing cannabis or hemp in your backyard or greenhouse, or any limited space around your home, you can get the DriFlower J-Hangers to help you streamline your harvest process.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Cut and hang the cannabis and hemp branches on the hangers. Allow a little space in between the hangers for maximum airflow. This is the last time you’ll be touching your flowers until they’re dry.
  • Use the integrated handle to transport and organize the hangers. You can move an entire stick of hangers to the drying space. Remember to dry upside down to allow for a good concentration of the active ingredients in the flowers.
  • Once the cannabis or hemp is dry, you can easily empty the hangers with one flowing move.

What do You Gain using J-hangers?

Using the J-hangers helps you save space, time, and money on labor. One man can actually accomplish what four men would accomplish, and in a fraction of time.

You can simply load these cannabis drying hangers made in Ashland Oregon, and move them to your drying space where you can easily check the progress of your drying harvest.

What Makes the J-Hangers Design Unique?

The J-hangers are built with laser-precision machine engineering. They have a dual-riveted aluminum construction, which makes them durable and long-lasting. These hangers feature our proprietary stick slots which fit all of the aluminum sticks of our hang harvesting kits and hardware.

What’s more, the DriFlower’s J-Hangers are easy to stuff, move around, organize, and empty in bags or totes after drying. The raised ridges and tips of these J-Hangers support the secure hanging of the flowers. So you can be sure your plant would be held in place throughout the drying process.

The angled bend at the bottom of the J-Hangers offers added strength and rigidity.

You can get the J-hangers today to fully maximize your smaller drying space. All our hangers and hardware are practical and designed to work together. You’ll use them for years and even hand them down to your next generation.

You can also check our complete Hang Harvesting Kits and Pro Pods.

You can custom-build your dry space if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. All you need is just our hangers and hardware.

Do not quit your business because of limited space. The DriFlower cannabis hangers are the best in California and are the way to go. 

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