Have you been thinking of upgrading your cannabis drying space?” Perhaps, you don’t even have enough space to dry your cannabis and hemp flowers after harvest. Maybe all you’ve got is a small plot of land or a small warehouse. We’ve been there before, and here’s a game changer – the DriFlower’s Complete Hang Harvesting Kits. 

Imagine being able to hold up to 80 pounds of dried flower within an 8’ x 8’ footprint. Unbelievable! right? The DriFlower’s complete Hang Harvesting kits would blow your mind! 

And not just that, you get to save some bucks – You don’t need many laborers, and you save time – to relax and engage in other productive stuff. 

In this article, I will quickly talk about two amazing kits – the Pro Pods and the Classic Hang Harvesting Kit. Growers have been running crazy with excitement after trying these two innovative tools. 

Before then, let’s quickly discuss what makes the conventional system of drying efficiently. 

Conventional Drying System and Shortcomings

We all know the old way that has been handed down by previous generations – Grow your cannabis and hemp, harvest and load into trucks, then transport to drying space and hang on nets or trellis over a large drying space. 

This way, you need to secure a large piece of land for growing and also secure another space for drying. And, hey, larger space if you grow commercially. 

Also, you need to hire a number of manpower to help harvest your crops and stack them up in your truck, then these men (maybe another group) would need to unload and hang the flower branches on nets – a process whereby the flowers are pulled through the holes and when it is fully dry, it is pulled out – increasing risk of damage. 

And after the damage, you’ve got to pay your workers. Who cares in the end.. aha!

Space-demanding, time-consuming, cost-demanding, and risk of damage to harvested crops  – These have been the norm. But not anymore bro!

The Latest Cannabis Drying Solution in 2022

The times have changed and there’s now much emphasis being placed on the quality of flowers. No one wants to purchase damaged or poorly-dried cannabis anymore.

Thanks to Jay Larkins and his team – We’ve saved the ass of many growers. Now, you can step and upgrade your harvesting system and dry space.   

No more limitations, DriFlower has introduced the best hang harvesting kits designed to help you save space, save time, and save money. Of course, we all love to save and make more profit, Don’t you?

Now, let’s get to this marijuana harvesting equipment and drying solutions!

New Hanging Equipment Kits in 2022

DriFlower is making marijuana harvesting and drying extremely easy, fun, and efficient. You can check our wide range of hemp harvesting equipment for sale

But like I said, we shall focus on two kits – the Pro Pods and the Classic hang harvesting kits.  

Pro Pods

If you’ve got a larger harvest to handle, say you need to dry up to 50-80 pounds of flowers, we always recommend the Pro Pods. 

Our Pro Pods come in two variations. It can either be set up with 3 levels ( having 48 hangers and 6 sticks) or with 4 levels (having 64 hangers and 8 sticks). 

However, each of these options comes with 4 (collapsible) vertical beams and stick brackets to accommodate the potential of these kits. 

Note – If you grow on many acres, the 4 level option is your best pick. 

Interestingly, our Pro Pods come with Pro Hangers and not J-hangers like the classic hang harvesting kits. Wondering why? Well, it’s not far-fetched – the Pro-hangers are held securely in position on the sticks. So, no risk of falling off. 

After fully loading the Pro-hangers, you can lift the pod using a forklift, place it on a transport vehicle, and move it to your drying space or warehouse. This way, you reduce the number of workers needed at several points, saving more money and preserving your flower quality. 

Do you know the sleek part of this kit, you can stack a fully loaded Pro Pod on top of another using the forklift. This is a good way to manage space in your warehouse or garage. Besides, you can dry up to 80 x 4 pounds of cannabis flowers on 2 x 2 Pro pods stacked on each other, all in a limited space. 

Classic Hang Harvesting Kit

Our Classic Hang Harvesting Kit is designed for anyone who desires to upgrade their harvest and drying game. It is the perfect package for pro growers who love the simplicity and appreciate maximum utilization of drying space. 

This kit comes in two options:

The small size: which carries 30 21” J-hangers that can hold up to 15 pounds of dried flowers on each kit

The large size: carries up to 24 41” J-hangers that can hold up to 24 pounds of dried flowers on each kit.

And, each kit comes with standard patented tools that include

  • 1 HarvestRack
  • DriFlowerRack
  • 3 6” Aluminum Sticks
  • 8 Patented J-Brackets
  • 2 Patented J-Hangers
  • Fastener Rack

So it all depends on your harvest load. If you operate on a small scale, the small-size complete hang harvesting kit is a cool option for you. You just simply need to cut your crops and hang the branches immediately on the hangers. After loading, you can simply move it to your drying space. 

You can have more than two small kits in a small room. And the kits are designed to allow space for proper airflow. So your flowers are not stuck together like what you have when transporting in totes. This eliminates the risk of off-gassing. 

Don’t Waste Any More Time on the Old Drying Methods!

Upgrading your cannabis dry space is the latest trick to stay ahead of the game and make more money. Our innovative complete hang harvesting kits make it easy for you to save space, reduce labor, save time, and protect your flowers from damage. 

Our kits are designed to hold many pounds of harvested cannabis or hemp until they are completely dried to satisfaction. These tools are designed with laser-precision engineering and are built to last! 

Get any of our complete hang harvesting kits today, and upgrade your cannabis drying space.