At Driflower, we provide leading solutions to various cannabis drying equipment dilemmas. In our years of helping hundreds of large and medium-scale cannabis growers, we’ve discovered that one of the major problems newbie growers face is choosing the right cannabis harvesting and drying equipment. 

Given that this equipment is a significant determinant of the quality and quantity of your flower bud, it’s not one of the choices you could afford to get wrong. Otherwise, your profit margin and sales rate might have to take the beat. 

In reality, no grower wants a taste of that sour experience where your hard labor-produced buds are a thing consumers try to avoid. 

Proper cannabis drying and curing can help preserve their flavor, aroma, and overall effects, as well as prevent mold and other issues that can ruin your crop. 

In this article, we’ll provide tips on keynote factors that will help you choose the right cannabis drying equipment.

4 Factors That’ll Help You Choose the Best Cannabis Drying Equipment 

When choosing the right cannabis drying equipment, only a select few are the right equipment for the job. However, choosing the most suitable equipment for your space and budget would require careful consideration. 

Primarily, only five factors would help you choose the best tailored-fit equipment for you. These factors include: 

  1. Drying Space Capacity

The first thing to consider when choosing cannabis drying equipment is the size of your drying space and how much cannabis you need to dry at once. If you’re a small-scale grower with a limited amount of cannabis to dry, you may get away with using an easy and small drying setup.

However, if you’re a larger-scale grower or you have a lot of cannabis to dry at once, you’ll need more advanced drying equipment to handle the volume. In this case, you may consider setting up a dedicated drying container or a grow-tent setup to ensure that you have enough space and proper airflow for your buds to dry evenly.

  1. Explore the Available Drying Equipment Options 

Depending on your available space and budget, there are several hang harvesting kits you can choose from. 

However, it leaves too many untoward possibilities, which is why you’d need expert consultation to decide which setup is right for you. For a small or medium-scale drying need, some of the distinctive options to consider include; 

The Champ: 

The champ is a drying solution that’s quite simple and affordable for small-scale growers. This hang harvesting kit allows you to hang your buds to dry in a well-ventilated area, but they may not be suitable for larger volumes of cannabis. However, they are made of heavy-duty construction steel, which makes them long-lasting, easy to assemble, and easy to use.

Lil Buddy

The Lil Buddy drying equipment is a more advanced option that provides a dedicated J-hanger for holding and easily drying your cannabis flower buds. The Lil buddy are typically made of industrial castor 

The Rolling Dri Racks 

The Rolling Dri Racks are one of the best drying solutions for small and medium-scale drying solutions. They are easy to assemble, heavy duty and movable, making them perfect for limited or convertible spaces.

Although we’ve only explored three drying options for small and medium-scale growers, there are significantly more options for large-scale cannabis farmers and even more for super-small spaces like garages and cellars. Driflower has a fitting pick for each of these areas. Schedule a call to find the best pick for your space.

  1.  Energy-efficiency 

If you’re drying a lot of cannabis, you’ll likely run your drying equipment for long periods. This means you require a workforce to match the volumes of cannabis flowers you intend to dry. But, to be energy efficient you’d require tailored-fit equipment that’d help you save on workforce. 

Cannabis drying equipment like the Pro-pods has ergonomic designs that make them fit for large-scale drying with less manpower. As a result, this hang harvesting kit is more energy efficient when compared to conventional drying equipment. 

  1. Cost of Equipment 

As with any purchase, it’s important to consider the cost of your cannabis drying equipment. Driflower’s drying racks and kits are typically more affordable options

Now that you know what to consider when choosing cannabis drying and curing equipment, making the right choice becomes easier and simpler. So, what’s your pick