No matter the scale of your cannabis or hemp business, whether small scale or large scale, your harvesting method matters a whole lot. Yeah, it largely influences the quality of your crops. That’s where our hang harvesting kit comes in.    

We’ve been in the cannabis business for many years now and we’ve tried several conventional harvesting methods. Although these methods work, most of them take too much time, space, and manpower.

The worst part is that we often suffer product loss. That’s not too good for business. You should know product loss equates to profit loss.

Hence, if your product quality is not up to standard, you’ll be losing out to competitors.  

The DriFlower Hang Harvesting Oregon is a timely solution to the cannabis and hemp harvesting game. It’s smooth as butter, saving you time, space, and money. Besides, it helps you maintain your product quality from the harvest to storage.

Relax, we’ll show you how this innovative system designed by Jay Larkins and the DriFlower team works.

But first, let’s talk about product quality.

Why Does the Quality of Cannabis and Hemp Matter?

Gone are the days when you can get away with poor-quality products and still make a good profit. The times have changed and there’s now a higher demand for larger quantities of cannabis and hemp with good quality (their resin and oils intact).

Unfortunately, we have many poor-quality cannabis and hemp products out there. And most times, it can be traced to poor handling of the flower from harvest to drying and storage.

Of course, these points are not far-fetched, but let’s make them clearer.

You see, throughout the ages, the idea has been to cut crops, throw them in a wagon, bin, or trailer, and transport them to the drying area. But, most times, these can be damaging. Stacking plants on top of each other, totes over totes, puts the plant at risk of being crushed.

Worst still, leaving your crop for too long in a confined space gives mold a chance to have a feast, devaluing your harvest. But, undoubtedly, that’s not what you want. We all want to get value from our harvest and make a profit.

So the question is, “is there a simplified way to maintain the quality of crops?

How the DriFlower Hang Harvesting Kit Influences the Quality of Crops

The DriFlower hang harvesting equipment for sale was designed with the quality of cannabis or hemp flowers in mind. Jay Larkins just couldn’t help but come up with a better way to maintain the quality of crops.

And after many years of unwavering dedication, we created an efficient and reliable system that simplifies the harvesting of cannabis and hemp, organizes transport and drying, and manages your space.

Our hang harvesting kits influence the quality of crops in the following ways:

These kits require no more than one touch

One man can accomplish what more manpower can accomplish in a fraction of time. Based on our findings, the more hands touching your crops, the more damage and loss you tend to suffer.

Conventional methods require many stages of hand-touching and using tools like nets requires you to push and pull plants through small openings. This puts your crops at risk of damage.

The cannabis drying kit requires just one touch at the cutting stage, and as you hang the flowers on the hangers, that’s the last time you’re ever touching them until they’re dry. This helps preserve your product quality.

The plants benefit from gravity

When you hang your cannabis or hemp products on the harvesting kits, the flowers benefit from gravity as the nectar from the stem flows freely into the flowers.

Harvesting kits minimize breakage or crumbling

Using the cannabis drying kit takes out the need to stack crops on top of each other and totes over totes, which minimizes breakage and crumbling.

You can easily move one hanger or an entire stick of hangers loaded with fresh flowers to the drying space. The harvesting kits keep your drying space organized with maximum efficiency and minimum loss.

Harvesting kits eliminate off-gassing

The method of cutting crops and stacking them in a tote before transporting them to the dry space can cause off-gassing, reducing the quality of your crops.

On the other hand, hanging fresh crops on the harvesting kits helps increase airflow, thereby preventing off-gassing in any way.

So apart from improving workflow, the DriFlower’s harvesting kits improve your airflow.  

Step Up Your Harvesting Game Today

If you truly want to get the best quality of crops, the hang harvesting kits are just the right solution to keep your plant in good shape without losing its resin and oils, as well as its visual appeal.

The best part is that you get to save space, time, and money. Just one man can accomplish so much within a short time frame.

You can get the hang harvesting kit today or buy our hangers & hardware to custom build your kit to suit your needs and preference.

Maintain the quality of your flowers from the field to storage; the DriFlower cannabis drying kit is just what you need today.