Growing outdoor cannabis is likely the cheapest way you can grow cannabis. It looks pretty simple; get quality seeds and soil and a sunny, cool spot. You may need high-quality compost and fertilizers too.

The harvesting process has stayed the same for a long time as most farmers have stuck with the method handed down ages before them. They only need to cut their crops, transfer them into a bin, trailer, or wagon, and then get them to the drying spaces.  

However, many cannabis business operators have continued to struggle with either getting their products properly dried, maximizing spaces, high labor costs, low output, and low product quality among others.

The good news is that modern farmers are changing the narrative by deploying the hang harvesting system in their business to improve their overall business growth and success.

What is Hang Harvesting?

After farmers have grown their crops to full maturity and the flowers are being harvested, a critical aspect of the puzzle is drying. Hang harvesting is the method of harvesting crops and hanging them immediately on hangers till they become properly dried. 

Every cannabis grower or cultivator needs to reduce labor costs, maximize space, and enhance product quality. As we commit to providing cannabis harvest / post-harvest solutions at DriFlower, our main goal is to help you increase overall efficiency.

How Does DriFlower’s Hang Harvesting Work?

DriFlower’s cannabis cultivation equipment is a complete solution designed to organize and streamline harvest processes. When you are opting for any of our HangHarvesting Kits, you can be sure that your dry space will be having a major upgrade.

Now, here’s how they work in simple steps.

1. Cut Your Crops and Place them On Hangers 

Properly drying cannabis is a very crucial aspect of the production process. And deploying HangHarvesting solutions starts from anywhere you grow. Cut branches and stuff them on hangers.

The strong and reliable product has solid construction and raised ridges that will guarantee absolute protection for your flowers when in place and leave them to dry.

2. Move Your Hangers Utilizing The Integrated Handle

Our hangers are quite simple to use. They are built to optimize steady airflow so that regardless of how you move them, you can easily organize and monitor the processes throughout the transportation and drying stages. Use the integrated handles by loading sticks or by carrying a complete stick of pro-hangers, that will be transported to the drying location.

3. Empty Hangers

Unlike your traditional lengthy process, our modern hang harvesting solution is a game changer. It can be emptied fast once your harvest is dry. Hence, you can save time without contending with nets

DriFlower Hang Harvesting Kits

Our hang harvesting kits are the ultimate ‘get it & go” horticultural drying systems which are designed to scale every farmer’s needs. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you operate a simple farm in your backyard with only a small batch or you have one or two acres, or even 10,000 acres running with vibrant crops, you’ll find our hang harvesting solutions a perfect fit to meet your needs.

For instance, people with small drying spaces like indoor growers will find the 21” J-Hanger a perfect pick-up option. It is specifically designed to be used with any door frame and is perfect for people with limited processing spaces.

You can stuff it easily, transport and organize it, and even empty it fast. This product also features our proprietary stick slot which is specifically designed to be used with DriFlower hardware and HangHarvesting kits and can also be used with all of our aluminum sticks.

There is also the DriFlower’s solid 41″ Pro-Hanger aluminum that is created with a simple design to ensure it is safe on the stick while stuffing crops and transporting them. It is specifically designed for large-scale hemp farmers who need to stuff and move crops fast while making the best use of the spaces available to them. But then, this solid piece will fit in perfectly with any of our aluminum sticks. We have quite a several solutions for various tasks while harvesting and drying cannabis outdoors.