The question of which cannabis drying approach is the most efficient is one that needs answers from cannabis flower growers. Surprisingly, you don’t have to look too far to find out that “Hangharvesting” has been an invaluable solution to these problems. 

Many who understand the hang drying benefit are already maximizing it. But, many more are not so knowledgeable on hangharvesting and are trying to jump right into it. If that’s you, then this content is for you as it explores all the benefits attached to the hang-drying cannabis approach every grower needs to know

Top 4 Benefits of Hang Drying Cannabis 

Every successful grower has had their fair share of failure, and they know better than to stick with the old rack drying systems. There are so many alternatives with up to four excellent benefits to optimize. 

Using Driflower’s wide range of hang drying racks, including indoor and outdoor options offers up to five benefits you too can optimize, including: 

  1. High product quality

The hang drying method is an efficient cannabis drying process because it majorly can preserve the level of THC and CBD in your cannabis. Hang drying promotes good airflow, preventing any humidity buildup that might boost the growth and multiplication of mildew and molds.

Most growers are now using products like the shelving rack conversion kit to maintain the high quality of their flowers. Hang drying is the best quality control method you can come across as a cannabis grower. 

Most of our complete kits, like the DriFlower Classic HangHarvesting Kit, can adequately handle both your harvesting and drying process promises and can help you maintain the great qualities of your flowers as you go.

  1. Minimizes the Cost of Labor

Traditional cannabis drying approaches can be capital-intensive because they require plenty of labor. But that’s no longer the case in optimized hang harvesting and weed drying approaches. 

If anything, having a structured and well-engineered drying design reduces the need for many hands. As a result, it also would reduce the cost of labor for producing a large number of cannabis flowers.

Although it works like magic making accessibility and control over your space and time, it is not magic. Many of our hand-harvesting solutions provide an excellent cannabis drying experience.

  1. Absolute Control of your Environment

Using cannabis drying racks promises some fantastic levels of guarantee. One such is the consistency in the quality of all your flowers —which is only possible due to the even spacing that allows proper airflow amongst your flowers.

But even spacing also gives you control over the environment where you dry your cannabis flowers. It gets even better if you use some of the mobile options we provide, like the rolling harvest rack. This makes it possible to move your produce easily to your drying space.

  1. Efficiently Manage Drying Spaces 

No drying space makes managing and optimizing as easy as DriFlower Hangharvesting makes your drying space. Even if you purchase any of our weed drying racks for sale in Ashland, Oregon, you can expect the same efficiency in managing and utilizing your drying spaces.

If you’ve had hands-on experience with drying rooms that utilize floor racks, then you can agree that they are associated with lots of problems, which include their mismanagement of space, and they are also not quite visible as a solution when your spaces are limited and small.

  1. Reduced safety risks

For mechanized farming or farmers who necessarily produce cannabis flowers in large quantities, there’s often safety exposure. Sometimes, you might have to do lots of height climbing when drying and curing your cannabis. 
But, these health and safety risks can be minimal when your cannabis drying and curing approach is well planned or when you use hemp drying equipment that has accessibility as one of its unique perks.