If you grow cannabis on a large scale, it is not far-fetched that the procedure is always capital-intensive, meaning it comes with boatloads of financial burden. You often get to invest so much in labor, space, and managing your flower quality. 

But right now, there are game-changing methods of harvesting cannabis on a budget. You can now grow and harvest large-scale cannabis crops on a budget using innovative kits designed by DriFlower. You can check our hemp harvesting equipment for sale.

We’ve done our research, and we’ve found implementable solutions for large-scale cannabis farmers who desire to achieve the best result without breaking the bank. 

Growing and Harvesting Cannabis on A Budget

The easiest way to grow and harvest large-scale cannabis on a budget is to use the best tools available for the job. In other words, you need the right systems.

Growing cannabis takes a great deal of commitment and hard work. It can get tiring at some point, but in 8-11 weeks, you’ll be rewarded with premium flowers if you stick to good growing conditions. But, hey, that’s not all! Your harvesting and drying procedures make a huge impact on the quality of your final product.  

For large-scale growers, the conventional methods require that you hire manpower to handle harvesting, and secure a large drying space to manage your large harvest.  All of this means more expenses. Well, just like other growers, I’m sure you’re also tired of this cost-demanding method that has been handed down to us by our parents. It’s time to step up bro!

DriFlower has brought a big difference to the cannabis growing and drying game. Our complete HangHarvesting kits are what you need if you grow either on a large scale or a small scale. The best part is that these kits are budget-friendly and save you a lot of space and the need for more manpower. In fact, one man can handle a job that would ordinarily require 5 men to execute. 

These are two highly-demanded HangHarvesting solutions for large-scale growers with a low budget:

  1. The Classic HangHarvesting Kit 
  2. The Pro Pods 

All DriFlower kits have long-lasting qualities that increase their durability and sturdiness. And either of the two HangHarvesting will work the magic. So, let’s introduce these kits and how they can help you harvest large-scale cannabis crops on a budget.

The Classic HangHarvesting Kit 

The Classic HangHarvesting kit is made from durable and high-quality material. It aims at reducing the stress and hurdles associated with harvesting and also minimizing crop damages that are commonly associated with harvesting and drying. 

The Classic HangHarvesting is also very compact and, after setup, takes only a small fraction of your available spaces.

Each Classic HangHarvesting kit contains:

  •   1 – HarvestRack
  •  1 – DriFlowerRack™
  • 3 – 6′ Aluminum Sticks
  • 8 – Patented J-Brackets
  • 24 – Patented J-Hangers
  • 1 – Fastener Pack

Classic HangHarvesting Kit is also available in large and small sizes, and your choice would depend on your available space for drying.

The Pro Pods

The Pro Pods are the ultimate stackable and truckable solution for large-scale operation. They make it possible to maximize space at a low cost. 

The Pro Pods are designed with heavy-duty and powder-coated steel. These are industrial-grade materials that guarantee the reliability and longevity of these harvest tools. 

Since the Pro Pods are stackable, they can be set up as 3 Levels or 4 Levels Hang Harvesting solutions. 

In a 3-Level setup, the Pro Pods have 6-sticks and 48 hangers. Each pro-hangers can hold up to 1.25 pounds of flowers. With a 48 pro-hanger setup, that sums up to about 60 pounds of finished products. Pretty large-scale, undoubtedly. 

But if more is what you are after; you can check out a 4-levels Pro Pod option that features up to 64 hangers and an 8-stick setup, which presents space for more cannabis flowers to come on board. It roughly holds up to 80 pounds of cannabis flowers ready for drying.

Now, it’s also very important to note a Pro pod is a stackable option which means you can place a set-up on top of another set up in a means to best use limited spaces available for drying. 

There are other major benefits of using DriFlower’s Kits for large-scale harvesting. They include:

  •  It streamlines the harvest process, 
  • Minimize crop handling, 
  • Simplify transporting for those that need to move their product around
  • Organizes your dry space with one-touch hanging, 
  • It allows proportionate  airflow during drying, 
  • It keeps the premium quality of your flowers intact
  • Hangers are easier to unload 

Get our Hang Harvesting kits today to manage your harvesting and drying game on large acres of land, without breaking a bank, using up too much space, and wasting time. 

Our team of professionals and consultants is available to further assist you at every step. So, you can get to do what you love doing -growing cannabis and hemp!