August is almost here! And it’s time to prepare for harvest.

(Lanny’s Green from 2019!)

Many light dep and auto-flow farms are about to start knocking down. Just yesterday, we went out to Cave Junction to oversee an install of a DriFlower System for light dep. Peep the photos on IG :} This particular farmer also has acres that are still growing under the warm Oregon sun. So they are already talking to us about a larger system to handle what’s coming.

For all the seasonal grower’s out there, the time to plan for late September / early October is now. We’ve been helping people harvest for years and we want to be a part of your next harvest. But it takes foresight and preparation.

Let us know where you’re at, and what kind of space you’re working with.

Thought for the day : Good things grow when you take the time to grow good things.