Ever wondered if harvesting and drying could be made easier? You’re not alone. Many growers are hell-tired of conventional methods. We’ve been there also, but not anymore! 

Yeah, thanks to Jay Larkins and his team who worked tirelessly to come up with innovative hangers & hardware which help simplify workflow, and save time, and money. Yes, some bucks for you!

DriFlower’s J-Hangers are designed with laser-precision engineering and offer many benefits which can leave you wishing you had found them before now. 

Do you want to know more about this efficient tool – the Driflower’s J-hangers? Let’s explore together!

DriFlower J-Hangers

Our unique patented J-Hangers take the harvesting and drying of cannabis to the next level. These hangers work to compliment our Hang Harvesting Kits and hardware.

Despite their different sizes, J-Hangers have unique benefits that you can’t get with traditional hanging tools and methods.

J-Hangers are 2-piece aluminum joined by an anchor in the middle. These tools have raised ridges and tips for the secure hanging of your flowers. After hanging your flowers, you can easily hold the handle to lift the hanger. This is smooth and saves you a lot of stress. 

The J-Hanger is practically the best cannabis hanger in California right now, and you can add it to your cannabis and hemp harvesting and drying procedures. 

There are three different sizes of J-Hanger.

21 J-Hanger

31 J-Hanger

41 J-Hanger

21 J-Hanger

Our 21 J-Hanger is excellent for indoor use and growers with small drying space. This hanger is designed to fit through any door frame and it is your best bet when space is limited. 

The overall dimension of the 21”- J-Hangers is 21x 8 x 0.25. This makes it super cool for small spaces and the best choice if you grow inside your basement. 

You can easily move this hanger around as it is designed with a precision stick slot and a raised center for good balancing.

You can purchase as many 21 J-Hangers as you want, and not to worry; the price is very much affordable.  

31 J-Hanger

Our 31 J-Hanger, on the other hand, is popular for its additional 10 inches over its smaller variation. You may actually find it more convenient than our 21 Cannabis hanger. The hanger is easy to stuff, move and organize, and this makes it a good pick for use in commercial and residential settings. It is also useful in shipping containers. 

31 J-Hangers can be considered an excellent choice if you have a sizable farm. Buying 10 of them will save you approximately 15  21 J-Hangers.

You may check out the Shipping Container Kit – It comes with 31″ J-Hangers.

41 J-Hanger

The 41J-Hanger is the perfect size to buy if you have a large farm. It is almost twice as big as the 21and makes a huge difference in terms of space efficiency.

The 41” J-Hangers are designed to handle full loads in any scale of operation. And that’s more reason we call it the “ultimate cannabis hanger.”

You will find this hanger useful if you grow cannabis and hemp on a commercial scale. It is easy to use and empty and helps minimize crop handling to keep your product sanitary.

Are J-Hangers the Only Option Available for Cannabis?

DriFlower J-Hangers is the most innovative option available currently. We also have another hanger that has a unique design – the Pro-Hangers. These hangers are a good alternative to the J-Hangers, but they both make up the two most simplified cannabis drying hangers in Ashland Oregon. 

While Pro Hangers have the same functionality as J-hangers, it does not have a curved handle. Instead, it is built with a precision stick slot that ensures the hangers are held firmly on the stick during the hanging and movement of flowers. 

If you need to stuff your flowers and move them fast, then the Pro-Hangers are your best bet. Although these hangers can be used with any hang harvesting kit, they work best for commercial or large-scale hemp farming.

To wrap up, you don’t need to do it the conventional way anymore. It takes time, space, and sometimes yields damaged crops. DriFlower has made it possible for you to hang your produce immediately after cutting, and move them easily to your drying space. The J-hangers and hardware are what every grower needs in this 21st century to stay ahead in the cannabis and hemp growing industry.