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Whether you have a small batch in your backyard or hundreds of acres, it’s time to work smarter with the world’s most innovative tool – the DriFlower Hang Harvesting System.

You’re probably hearing about this for the first time, that’s okay, you can check our store to see a collection of these cannabis hanging systems designed to organize and streamline your harvesting and drying process.

This is 2022, And It’s High Time You Level Up!

Do you know that the changing times have placed high demands on the quality and quantity of cannabis and hemp harvest? Nobody wants to get poor-quality flowers anymore. 

There are competitions everywhere, so if you don’t do it right, I’m afraid you might be kicked out of business.

So are you ready to bring in your A-game in this cannabis and hemp growing business?

This is the time to equip yourself with the best hang harvesting system in 2022 for cannabis and hemp products.

Common Complaints of Cannabis and Hemp Growers

Since 2005, Jay Larkins and the DriFlower team worked tirelessly to relate to the pain of most cannabis and hemp growers. Here are some of the problems people complain about:

  • I am spending too much time harvesting and setting up my harvest for drying.
  • I am spending too much money on labor
  • My harvest takes up most of my land space
  • A large part of my harvest gets damaged during the hanging process for drying.
  • We get to touch the flowers too many times from harvest to drying and storage

All these and more are the problems most growers encounter. Of course, we got to interview many managers across different states in the US.

Now, that’s where DriFlower comes in!

Birth of World’s Leading Cannabis Hanging System

We had one simple thought, “there’s just got to be a better way of running this business, without stress, breaking a bank, and running out of space.”

We envisioned a streamlined process of harvesting cannabis and hemp onto hardware and hangers and organizing the transporting, drying, and emptying of produce, all within minutes.

After much experimentation, yes, we failed a couple of times, but we learned a lot in the field and in the drying spaces along the west coast. Our commitment to research and improvement empowered us to birth a system that is both reliable and efficient, saving you a lot of bucks.

What Do You Gain from Using the DriFlower Hang Harvesting System?

Well, I’ll keep it simple for you…

DriFlower Hang Harvesting Oregon is a big game-changer in the process of harvesting and hanging cannabis and hemp flowers. 

Our kits are an easy “get it and go” solution to help you save time, cost and drying space, no matter the size of your operation.

You’re probably wondering, “How?” Let’s make it clearer.

We have the shelving conversion kits, shipping container conversion kits, Pro pods, and hardware & hangers that allow you to build your own system.

Using these hang harvesting system offer you the following advantage

Less Manpower

You don’t have to spend more money on many manpower anymore. With the hang harvesting system, just one man can complete the task of many field workers. The best part is that this one man can accomplish more in a fraction of the time used by more manpower. Isn’t that awesome?

One more thing – the more hands touching your products, the more the risk of damage.

Faster turnaround time

Say goodbye to keeping crops for prolonged periods before hanging them in your drying space. The Hang harvesting system keeps the whole process fast, from the harvesting to the hanging stage. This helps preserve the resin and oils in the flowers and preserve their overall freshness.

Better Use of Space

Conventional hanging tools such as trellis, nets, and wire, take up too much of your drying space. The Driflower hang harvesting kits do not take up too much space. In fact, it can hold many pounds of flowers with good spacing.

You end up with more than enough space to perform other functions on your field and storage space.

High-quality Product

The hang harvesting system keeps your flowers organized. You simply cut and place it on the hangers arranged on the racks. You’re only touching the flowers once till the final curing and storing stage.

This system helps lower the risk of contamination and mold infestation.

Great Design

The Driflower hang harvesting system is built with laser precision machine engineering. All our kits and system essentials are made in the USA and we are committed to the quality and craftsmanship that “Made in America” represents.

Each of our products are built to last, and they are consistent in performance from harvest to harvest.

We can go on and on to tell you why smart growers are stepping up their game and using the Best hang harvesting system in 2020… DriFlower.

Of course, I know you want great results, faster turnaround time, lower cost of production, high-quality product, and enough space to run other operations.

Always remember that the smallest change can yield massive results, and the more risk of product loss, the higher your profit loss…

Now is the time to step up and do it better!

Get the DriFlower Hang Harvesting System today!  Come grow with us!