The world is changing so fast and DriFlower has made it possible to simplify the process of harvesting cannabis and hemp without spending too much money on labor or wasting a lot of time.

One handy, personal rolling harvest kit, called the “DriFlower Lil’ Buddy,” is an innovative system that you can describe as the ideal companion of the HangHarvester.

Do you grow on a small scale or large scale, whether in a greenhouse or open field?  You can now wheel a portable rolling harvest rack down the aisle while you cut and hang your flower. That’s where Lil’ Buddy comes in. This rolling harvest rack is small enough to fit through a standard doorway and it comes with locking castors that makes it easier to move around.

Rolling Harvest Rack for a Single-man Harvest

You don’t necessarily have to hire too much manpower to handle your harvest operations anymore, especially when you’re not dealing with large amounts of harvest.

Now, DriFlower has made the process butter! Just one man can accomplish what more hands can accomplish in a fraction of time.

If you’re a grower that places much emphasis on flower quality, you shouldn’t have too many people touching your flowers. The DriFlower hang harvesting system has made it possible for growers and field workers to touch crops just once from the harvesting stage to the drying and storing stage.

The Lil’ Buddy Personal Rolling harvest rack is an efficient system that a single man can conveniently assemble and move through the greenhouse or field to cut crops and hang immediately on the hangers.

Interesting Features About DriFlower Lil’ Buddy

DriFlower Lil’ Buddy is developed with laser precision machine engineering and with great attention to detail.

Here are some interesting features of this hemp harvesting equipment:

  • Lil’ Buddy includes wheels, vertical posts, base assembly, and stick.  
  • It comes with industrial locking castors, safety rubber bumpers on all ends, and an open J-bracket that allows for easy stick transfer.
  • It can hold any size of J-hangers, whether 21”, 31” or 41”
  • It is built with all-metal construction that is easy to clean
  • The fixed stick remains in position even while in motion
  • Lil’ Buddy is easy to assemble
  • The largest dimensions is 31”(L) × 24” (W) × 51” (H)

Embrace Simplicity and Reduced Damage to Your Crops

Instead of going through the stress of cutting and loading bags into totes and transporting it to the drying area, you can simply wheel down the Lil-Buddy to your greenhouse or field, cut the crops and load it on the hangers of this personal rolling harvest rack.

When you’re done, you can simply wheel the harvest rack to the drying area without much stress.

You don’t have to subject your plant to any crushing or damaging effect in totes, and you don’t have to waste too much money on manpower.

Of course, the whole process is smooth, and the presence of the industrial castors makes it easy to move Lil’ Buddy around.

Again, most times, people complain about moving harvest kits through a standard doorway. If this is also a great concern for you, then you don’t have to worry anymore. 

The DriFlower Lil’ Buddy was designed as a solution to that common problem. As mentioned earlier, the largest dimension of this harvest rack is 31” (L) × 24” (W) × 51” (H), so it’s a super cool product to add to your harvesting game.

If you desire less effort, fewer hands touching the plants, better efficiency, faster turnaround, improved flower quality, and more profits, then this hemp harvesting equipment for sale in Oregon is your best bet.

DriFlower has been in the cannabis and hemp growing and harvesting business for many years. We know the pain growers feel and our mission is to create a better way to streamline the harvest process.

Here’s a Smart Tip for You

If you’ve got a big harvest to make, you can load the sticks with 41” J-hangers. These hangers can hold large pounds of flowers and you can unload them in a fraction of the time.

You can order the DriFlower Lil’ Buddy now to simplify your cannabis and hemp harvest.

If you’re a Do-it-yourselfer, you can select from our hangers & hardware to build your customized harvest rack. 

If you have a large-scale operation and need help, you can always contact us to help you build what would work best for your harvest needs.