If you are looking for the best harvest drying rack for your cannabis business, consider using our rolling harvest rack solutions. These innovative tools will help you triple your drying room capacity while delivering a consistent spacing approach to ensure top-grade output. Additionally, utilizing rolling harvest racks will help you cut costs and prevent potential crop loss.

It’s very easy to get any DriFlower™ Rolling Harvest-Rack. And if you have a baller indoor space, you’ll enjoy moving this harvest rack around with lots of ease and convenience. Having this rack helps you to hold J-Hangers of various sizes for harvesting and hanging premium flowers. The solid and steady rolling rack can securely bear up your stuffed hangers while being moved around, saving you lots of time, space, and even costs! 

Now, move over to the next harvest and continue to grow your business.

Rolling Harvest Rack: The Champ Features

The Champ is a middleweight rolling harvest rack imbued with lots of great features that can be highly beneficial to every cannabis grower or cultivator. It has special step-locking castors, Vertical Posts, Wheels, J-Brackets, Base Assembly, and a design to hold our 91” LockPin Sticks and any larger DriFlower Aluminium Stick.

Some Rolling Harvest rack special features of this tool include that:

  • It is a heavy-duty construction that is pretty easy to assemble
  • Its graceful rolling features allow it to be moved around with lots of conveniences while bearing a huge amount of flowers.
  • It has industrial locking castors great for easy movement of racks, dollies, carts, and other equipment with locks for the wheel. When the castor is locked, the 91″ LockPin Sticks stay in place while in motion, guaranteeing your equipment’s mobility and product safety. 
  • It is accompanied by a capacity to hold any DriFlower J-Hanger, whether 21″, 31″ or 41″ Pro.
  • All metal construction is sanitary and easy to clean.
  • It comes with Safety Rubber Bumpers on every side. 
  • The Rolling Harvest-Rack dimensions: 91″(L) x 26″(W) x 48″(W).

Benefits of Using Rolling Harvest Rack: The Champ 

Now that you are considering getting the rolling harvest rack, you have lots of benefits you’ll gain from using it, and here are a few to look out for;

1. The Rolling Harvest Rack Promotes Air Circulation

Using the rolling harvest rack helps keep humidity at a low level and allows air to circulate adequately into the flowers. With this, the drying process is quicker and more effective. Unlike a situation of long drying processes that can result in mold and mildew and cause you to lose buds and plants.

2. It Prevents Dust Accumulation

With good mobility and secure placements, you can easily move your flowers or herbs to a good spot and prevent them from accumulating dust. 

3. Provides Enough Space For Business Activity

The DriFlower Harvest racks can be deployed to make you still enjoy sufficient space during your production processes even when you have large amounts of flower products

During a drying process, plants and buds should not touch, as it can inhibit the drying process and may even result in the damage of a large amount of product.

4. Improved and Predictable Yield

Every cannabis grower wants to be able to predict a high-quality yield. Utilizing the DriFlower rolling harvest rack will help to create a steady airflow around your plant and buds, and prevent product contamination or damage as much as possible. 

In addition, this top-level product is best deployed to maximize horizontal and vertical space use inside your grow room and drying facility, especially due to its adjustable capabilities.

It can be altered for increased spaces for employees to work and lead to greater product development and overall productivity.

5. DriFlower Rolling Harvest Rack Revolutionizes the Future of Your Cannabis Business

Aside from rolling harvest racks creating more spaces for work and productivity, it is also set to change the way the cannabis business is done! By placing priority on an efficient drying process, these racks are designed and constructed with laser precision engineering and they help ensure you deliver quality and safe products to your customers. And even if you need to replace parts, you can do that easily.

Investing in high-quality rolling harvest racks such as The Champ  for your cannabis business is an excellent way to increase the efficiency of your harvest procedure, thereby enjoying a more profitable business. 

DriFlower has got you covered – you can now enjoy ease, less cost and maximized space.