The legal cannabis industry in the United States continues to grow as more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana. With 24 states plus Washington D.C. now allowing recreational use, the availability and variety of cannabis products differ widely across the country. States with strict regulations around quality and safety offer insights into best practices for the industry. 

On a Farm Somewhere in N.Y…

On a farm in upstate New York, for example, cannabis growers closely monitor factors like fan leaves, sugar leaves, and resinous buds, which produce therapeutic compounds CBD, THC, and terpenes. By adhering to strict sanitary protocols, these previously illegal operations now legally cultivate cannabis.

Sophisticated tagging systems track each harvested batch from the greenhouse to packaging, allowing precise traceability. Integrating organic techniques into cannabis cultivation is an increasing priority for many growers seeking to differentiate their products amid mounting competition. 

Rules and Regulations Help Assure Safer Product

Strict benchmarking around potency and contaminants separates legally licensed farms from illegal operators. Rigorous lab testing identifies any presence of bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, or pesticides down to minute levels. 

2022 analysis of products illegally sold in New York City shops found 40% contained hazardous contaminants. Many products also tested below labeled THC levels. According to each state’s requirements, legal growers must submit samples to third-party laboratories for analysis. New York presently maintains the most stringent testing regulations nationwide. Products meeting benchmarks get cleared for distribution to licensed dispensaries. 

According to one New York City dispensary owner, standardized potency testing matters tremendously for customer safety. Inaccurately labeled products from illegal shops make it impossible for consumers to moderate dosage. Excessive THC exposure risks increased anxiety, paranoia, and extended psychoactive effects. 

Am I Getting the “Good Stuff?”

Customers scanning a blue square QR code sticker can instantly validate a shop’s legal licensing status. But this comes at a price! 

Prioritizing science-backed quality control leads many consumers to licensed dispensaries despite higher prices from regulatory expenses. One farmer explains that a single testing batch costs their operation around $4,500, shrinking already thin profit margins. Yet illegal sellers bypass fees and taxes, undercutting licensed market rates. This ultimately deceives less informed customers seeking reputable retailers. 

With estimated illegal shops outnumbering legal dispensaries at a ratio of over 2,000 to 13 in New York City, consumer education remains vital. 

Helping Legal Farmers Produce High-Quality Products

DriFlower™ offers licensed growers an innovative solution for harvesting quality cannabis. Our HangHarvesting™ System kits, hangers, and hardware promote scientifically proven drying techniques for premium flower cultivation. 

By establishing HangHarvesting™ as the industry standard, DriFlower™ envisions helping cannabis farmers worldwide perfect their harvesting methods. Most growers follow time-honored rituals passed down from previous generations when approaching harvests. 

The basic procedure has always been to cut crops, haul them quickly to a drying area, and then hang the harvest for preservation. But intensifying quantity and quality demands require reassessing these antiquated conventions. This is where DriFlower™ comes in. HangHarvesting™ modernizes cannabis harvesting through a revolutionary system designed for today’s market.  With continuously changing competitive conditions and consumer expectations, every grower needs reliable solutions, like DriFlower HangHarvesting™, to remain viable. Contact DriFlower™ at 1-800-420-9181 or through our online form to learn more.