It’s way past time you quit harvesting and drying your cannabis the old way!

Stop harvesting and drying your large cannabis produce on nets, trellis, wire, and other inefficient tools. Apart from being old-fashioned, those methods take too much space, money, and time.

Besides, it’s not worth using old methods when modern, efficient tools can save you a lot of space and money.  PRO PODS are the latest tools for every cannabis grower. This Hang Harvesting Oregon System is built with laser precision machine engineering to simplify the whole process – from harvesting, transporting, to drying your cannabis flower.

Would you like to learn how that is even possible? Keep reading!

How will Pro Pods help my cannabis business?

We all know times are changing, and there’s now a high demand for cannabis and hemp flowers. The demand skyrocketed after the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, thus legalizing the use of hemp-derived products.

So why would you still want to use the old methods of cutting your hemp and moving them in your wagon or trailer to the drying area? These methods require more human resources and take more time to complete the task.

Here are some of the benefits that PRO PODS can offer your cannabis or hemp business:

Pro Pods help you manage a large harvest within a limited space

DriFlower’s Pro Pods can hold up to 64 Pro-Hangers (4 Levels) arranged on eight sticks in an 8’ × 8’ × 8’ rack that you can transport easily. Isn’t that amazing?

Each pro-hanger can hold an average of 1 to 1-25 pounds of dried/ trimmed flower. Now, do the mathematics for 64 pro-hangers. That’s about 48 to 80 pounds of the finished product.

We also have Pro Pods that can be set up with 48 Pro-hangers (3 levels) on 6 Aluminum sticks.

However, each pro prods has four collapsible vertical beams with integrated stick brackets to accommodate the 3 levels or 4 levels of Hang Harvesting potential.

The thrilling part is that Pro Pods do not take too much space. The overall dimension when assembled is 91″ (L) x 96″ (W) x 91″ (H).

Do you now understand why cannabis growers jump on this DriFlower’s Hang Harvesting Kit?

Pro Pods are great Hang Harvesting tools that help you save time

Using conventional methods allows crops to sit for a prolonged period. You would need to take your time to cut, then transport, before unpacking to dry them. This process takes a whole lot of time.

Leaving your cannabis or hemp to sit for too long causes them to lose their visual appeal. More so, these flower buds lose their oils and resins. So at the end of the day, you may end up with poor-quality hemp buds.

On the other hand, Pro pods offer a streamlined process for harvesting your cannabis directly onto innovative hangers & hardware. With this Hang Harvesting innovative tool, you can simplify harvesting, transporting, drying, and emptying racks within minutes.

Pro Pods help you save money

Of course, the goal of every business is to make money! So who wouldn’t want a streamlined process that saves a lot of bucks? The traditional methods require more than two manpower to handle the business from harvesting to transporting, drying and storing.

But with the Pro Pods, just one man can complete the task of many workers in a short time.

Once the fully loaded sticks are secured in the Pro Pods stick slot, you can lift each pod via forklift, place them on a transport vehicle and move the product to the drying facility.

In the end, you pay less for labor, reducing your cost of production.

Pro Pods are durable and can serve your next generation

This HangHarvesting system is made of industrial-grade steel. They are stackable drying racks that can serve you efficiently in garages and warehouses.

The durable construction makes it last for a very long time. In fact, you can hand them down to your next generation without any faults.

To sum up, the DriFlower team has long observed the need for space, speed, and efficiency in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Every grower would love to manage their drying space, keep their plant’s organoleptic properties intact, reduce cost, and accomplish more in less time. That’s why you need the DriFlower’s HangHarvestingTM system.

Commercial cannabis growers are already using Pro Pods?

Our Pro Pods is a timely solution that simplifies the whole production process from the harvesting and transporting to the drying and unloading into totes or bags.

Most commercial growers are now using Pro Pods for transporting, drying, and storing large quantities of hemp or cannabis.

So what are you waiting for?

It would be best if you moved on to a better way of harvesting and hanging your hemp flower. Stop wasting your time, space, and money. No more getting tangled up in nets!

You can get your Pro Pods today to organize and streamline your whole cannabis growing, harvesting, and drying process. You can also check our other complete kits and choose what works best for your business.

Happy harvesting, my friends!!