Some years back, I had a light conversation with James, a cool buddy who manages a cannabis farm in California.

We got talking about his harvesting and drying methods, and he mentioned how stressful and time-consuming the whole process is for him and his team.

“We harvest our cannabis flowers, get them on the wagon, and move them to our drying space where we spend hours hanging the flowers on nets. I have a team of 11 men and we work hard to push and pull the plants through the net openings for drying. This is always exhausting, and sometimes our flowers get damaged in the process. I wish there’s a better way.” – James.

I quickly introduced the DriFlower HangHarvesting System to him, and he was fascinated by the amazing features of this innovative system. He shared the idea with his team, who decided to give it a shot.

They tried the Hang Harvesting kit during their next harvest, and the whole team was so excited about the result.  “You guys are super amazing; you’re a genius dude, I was almost giving up.” – James exclaimed over the phone.

James’s farm experienced an exponential shift in productivity – minimal effort, reduced cost, better space management, and high-quality products. All thanks to the innovative DriFlower HangHarvesting System.

What makes the DriFlower HangHarvesting kits efficient for drying?

Many people ask this question, “What features make the HangHarvesting Kit great for organizing and streamlining harvest.

I will be showing you some super cool design features of this system quickly:

Laser-precision equipment made in the US

The hang harvesting kit comprises three components – brackets, sticks, and hangers. All of our kits and system essentials are made with laser-precision machine engineering and good attention to detail.

Let’s start with the J-Hangers?

The DriFlower cannabis hangers come in two types: J-hangers and Pro-hanger.

The J-Hangers features include:

  • Laser-cut two-piece aluminum construction
  • Strong, thin blades with raised ridges for secure hanging of flowers
  • Raised tip to prevent your flowers from falling off,
  • Integrated handle for easy placement and movement without needing to touch the rack or product
  • and 90o bend on the bottom of the blades for added strength

At the center of the hanger is an open stick slot with a raised center for hanging on the wire or string.

The J-hangers are available in three sizes:

  • 21” J-hangers – for use with small kits
  • 31” J-hangers – for use with mid-size kits
  • 41” J-hanger – for use with large kits

So if you need cannabis hangers in California, DriFlower has the best designs for your drying needs.

What about the Pro-hanger?

The Pro hanger is the same as the J-hangers, except for the handle. Pro hangers are secured onto the stick using the closed stick slot. While the J-hanger has a handle that allows you to lift it up with or without flowers, you may not remove the pro hangers from the stick once it is loaded with flowers. This means you move the pro-hangers with the sticks.

The cannabis hangers are really the heart of the HangHarvesting System.

What is the function of the DriFlower brackets?

The brackets hold the aluminum stick which holds the hangers.  The harvest bracket has a dual prong with precision measured opening, which keeps the stick in place. It also has two screw holes for fastening to the rack verticals securely.  

What makes up each HangHarvesting kit?

The system components – brackets, hangers, and sticks – are used to create harvest racks, DriFlower racks, which make up the HangHarvesting kits.

Each Classic kits come with:

·         1 HarvestRack

·         1 DriFlowerRack

·         J-Hangers or ProHangers

Interestingly, you can choose your selected kit size and configuration according to your harvesting needs or get our cannabis drying hangers Ashland Oregon & hardware to custom-build your dry space.

Why every cannabis grower needs the DriFlower Hang Harvesting Kit

You might be used to the conventional methods of drying cannabis and hemp flowers, including the use of plastic nets, wire, ropes, screens, trellis, etc. Although these methods produce results, they can be stressful, space-demanding, and sometimes, your flowers get damaged.

DriFlower offers an efficient drying system to make your work less stressful, space-efficient, and time-saving, yielding products that maintain their resins, oils, and visual appeal.

With the HangHarvesting Kits, you don’t have to go through the stress of hanging one branch at a time into nets and removing it the same way – one branch at a time.

The HangHarvesting system is a solution to common problems associated with conventional methods, including:

  • Damage to flowers by putting them into totes for transport
  • Inefficient use of space
  • A difficult, time-consuming installation, which can be damaging to ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Inefficient use of labor due to redundancies and unnecessary steps
  • Overall disorder in physical space and workflow

The DriFlower HangHarvesting System addresses and overcomes all these problems because it is a system set up as quick and easy with no guesswork. It removes redundancies and unnecessary steps, your flowers are touched no more than once, and totes are not used, minimizing flower damage.

The harvest workflow and physical space are well ordered. You can easily custom-build your dry space. Your work is more manageable and trackable, and unloading the hangers is just magic.

You can get hemp harvesting equipment for sale today or contact us for a quote on a custom build to help you manage your available dry space to stay efficient in your game.

Remember, the demand for cannabis and hemp flowers is now high, so you need to step up to meet up and stay ahead of competitors!

Hang with us today…Let’s grow with you!