One of the benefits of hemp drying is that it improves the quality of your cannabis. But, it has to be done right; otherwise, you’d end up with dreadful buds.

Drying is a delicate process, it’s very demanding, and you’d have to go above and beyond to get your desired results. But, success depends on two things; your approach and your cannabis drying kit.

See, it’s amazing that you pay attention to your cannabis and that you can recite by heart all the recommended conditions for drying. But, it’s all for nothing if you don’t know why drying is so important and why having the right tool for it is priceless. 

Importance of Drying Cannabis

Cannabis flowers have hyper-active components like resin which has a sizable amount of CBD and THC. These compounds are usually not evident in freshly harvested flowers. The THC and CBD are inactive in the green leaves and flower buds. As a result, the flowers have to be processed (dried and cured) to activate their inherent THC/CBD and to make the flowers ready for consumption. 

It takes roughly 10-15 days to completely dry your cannabis. The weather and climate of your location also help determine how long drying your flower takes. 

After drying, your flower buds undergo another curing process to get the best flavor out of the buds. 

Drying is a crucial process in the cultivation of cannabis. It’s so important that it often determines:

  1. Profit and loss margin

If you grow cannabis on a large scale, it is not because you like consuming cannabis that much but often because it’s by far a profitable business. Regardless of how much you’ve invested into cultivating your cannabis, drying determines the profit or loss of that effort. 

  1. Amount of Yield

The efficiency in drying is not always 100 percent. However, you can increase your odds by tweaking your approach and expertise in handling your cultivated flower. Drying directly determines how much of your flower is good for final consumption. As such, you must be prudent about drying. 

  1. Quality of Product

There are different kinds of flower buds. While some are trendy and pleasing, others aren’t. As you might have guessed, the low-quality spectrum gets less attention, and consumers leave you high and dry on revenue. How you dry your cannabis can largely influence the quality of the cannabis you bring to the marketplace. 

Importance of Drying with the Right Tools

Drying can be fruitful and seamless if you have the right tools. Otherwise, it’s futile and an acute waste of precious time and resources. The drying kit you use is so crucial because it can influence:

  1. Efficiency 

Whether you speed dry or regular dry, your flower bud is up to you. It’s also your choice to use a “many-men” team or to downsize your team, use reliable drying kits, and get better results. But I’d always choose to have reliable drying kits because, in addition to reducing handling of product, and increasing efficiency, your drying kits determine how much workforce you need. 

For example, the classic hand harvesting kit comes with J-bracket hangers dedicated to firm hold your stack of flowers in position. But, here is the teaser; this kit is so easy to use that you only need a 2-4 man team for large-scale operation.

  1. Flower’s Quality

Your drying kit or tool also influences how your flowers are handled during drying or curing. 

Your flowers can either be mashed and subpar or well aerated and top-quality. It all just depends on your drying kit.

How To Pick The Right Drying Tool

Picking a cannabis drying kit should solely depend on the result you intend to achieve. While there is a consensus on the best drying rack for cannabis plants, most are subpar. Doing more damage to your buds than you can bear. 

Picking the best tools for drying cannabis and hemp might not be an easy task, but it’s inevitable. It’s something every profit-driven cannabis producer must do. And here’s how you can make a great choice

  1. Determine Your Available Space 

When picking the right drying tools for you, space is a big deal. There can be many enticing options to pick from, but it’s useless to pick tools that do not fit into your available space. The good news is that there are some Driflower drying kits that would easily fit into your available space.

  1. Know Your Budget and Harvest Size

The size of cultivation is equally important as your budget for drying them. There is no such thing as under-budgeting cause it means you willfully allow some of your crop to wither. Usually, most flower growers are over budget. Again, that reduces your profit margin. 

But you don’t have to over-budget anymore. There are affordable drying kits for large-scale production you can choose from. Boom…! DriFlower has got you covered.