Shipping Container Conversion Kit (Core)



The DriFlower™ Shipping Container Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert your shipping container into an unparalleled HangHarvesting drying space! While you can use the 31″ J-Hangers and have a nice two foot path down the middle of your dry space to regularly check on your flower, you can use the 41″ J-Hangers instead and stuff your container to the gills! In short, you can hang up to 120 pounds (or more) of premium flower per twenty feet of the container’s length.  Get two kits to max out a forty-foot shipping container.

We’ve made this kit simple to assemble and install.

Every 20 ft. Shipping Container Conversion Kit contains:

  • Top Cross-Bars (x 3).
  •  Hanging Stick Slot supports (x 6).
  • 19′ Segmented Aluminum Sticks (x 6).
  • All Hardware: Lock Pins, Couplers, connectors, etc.
  •  OPTIONAL 31″ or 41″ J-Hangers (x 120).

^^Conversion Kits and Shipping Containers purchased separately.

Save time, save money, save space, improve the quality of your flower, and invite your friends over to check out how dope your grow looks when it’s hanging proper.  Organize and streamline your workflow with the DriFlower™ Shipping Container Conversion Kit.  You asked, we delivered!

Curious about what is the best solution for you?  Contact us via DM on Instagram, by email, or give us a call.  We’re here to help you get the most out of your harvest.

Discover all the benefits of using DriFlower’s Kits, Hangers and Hardware for yourself: streamline the harvest process, minimize crop handling, simplify transport, easily organize your dry space with one-touch hanging, maximize airflow during drying, keep your product sanitary, and unload your hangers in a fraction of the time. Want to know more?  Check out these videos.

All DriFlower products are built to last and made in Oregon, USA.

Additional information

Weight 122 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 7.4375 × 5.1875 in


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