The HangHarvesting™ System

With the DriFlower HangHarvesting™ System, you’ll see the benefits of cutting and hanging your plants in the field or greenhouse right away. This approach sets your crops in place, in the field not to be touched again until they are dry.

In the field, the plant is at its most supple and not prone to breakage or crumbling. The natural oils are all intact. Moreover, when hung they will benefit from gravity bringing nectar from the stem into the flower. Hanging fresh cut crops increases airflow and eliminates off-gassing that can occur when transporting fresh cut crops to the dry space in a tote.

From the field or greenhouse, it’s easy to move one hanger at a time or an entire stick of hangers into the drying space. Because of the design of our HangHarvesting™ systems, your drying space stays clean and organized with minimum loss and maximum efficiency. 

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The DriFlower™ Pro-Harvest Rack takes harvesting to the next level.  The full length Pro-Harvest rack is designed to hold Pro-Hangers or J-Hangers while you cut and hang on the spot.  HangHarvesting starts with hangers on a harvest rack, and the Pro-Harvest Rack gives you all the stability in a simple, no-frills, easy to manage rack.

Simply stuff your hangers while they are secure and held steady on the Pro-Harvest Rack, then move the hangers (by the handle) into your dry space and onto your Dri-Racks.  Move the rack and repeat.  It’s that simple.  The hanger bar keeps hangers at he perfect height for stuffing hangers while maintaining full view of the consistency of your load.

The Pro-Harvest Rack is solid, easy to assemble, easy to move, and has Safety Rubber Bumpers to boot. After assembling your Pro-Harvest Rack, head to the field with confidence in knowing you can load your sticks and hangers on a solid support rack.

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We are committed to the quality and craftsmanship that “Made In America” represents.  We’re proud to say that all of our kits and system essentials are made in the USA. Our products have been developed with laser precision machine engineering, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. We are an Oregon based company that believes in stimulating our local economy as we contribute to this emerging worldwide industry. Creating new industry standards has long been the American way, and we’re here to honor that tradition.

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