Cultivating cannabis flowers for consumption has pitfalls you should learn to avoid, even as a beginner. While some of the pitfalls are not pronounced and can be easily overlooked, they can send you into unforetold capital loss, which would cost your business immensely. 

But having a detailed guide on drying weed for beginners properly would help a great deal to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes most beginners make. Let’s start with the basics; 

How Long Does Drying and Curing Your Cannabis Flower Take?

Most times, drying your cannabis will take you about 2-7 days. But it can be shorter if you wet trim because significant parts of the plant material are trimmed off. This leaves less part of the plant to dry. 

If dry trimming your cannabis is your chosen route, you’d have to keep your cannabis hung downside up. It helps you protect your buds from being flattened as they dry. 

It doesn’t matter if you choose to dry or wet trim your flowers; you’d have to monitor them closely and check the drying buds or branches at a two days interval by slightly bending a branch or stem to see if it snaps. If the stem snaps, then your buds are completely dry. Otherwise, you’d have to leave them alone and check back in a day or two.

What is the Best Cannabis Drying Equipment for Beginners 

Drying marijuana buds is no child’s play. Sometimes they could be very demanding and yet with little to no result to show for it. Most times, your drying equipment is responsible for the results you get from your flowers. If you’ve got the wrong equipment, you might have to put in an overwhelming amount of effort to compensate for it. 

The key to succeeding in your endeavor towards growing and producing an even and well-dried cannabis flower is understanding that you’d need the proper curing and drying equipment.

DriFlower complete cannabis cultivation equipment is top-notch and one of the few reliable and best cannabis drying equipment growers can use, including beginners. Some of these equipments include:

  1. Classic Hangharvesting Kit 
  2. Pro pods 
  3. Grow-tent conversion kit 
  4. Ship container conversion kit 

Each of these hang harvesting equipment and solutions is designed to help you improve the quality of weed you produce after drying and curing and also to help you make the best use of your available drying space. Check them out to see what works for you.

How to Properly Dry Your Cannabis Flower: Step-by-step Beginner’s Guide 

Before your cannabis flowers are ready to be dried, you must harvest them and have prepared the right conditions for drying them. 

Firstly you should start by determining what spaces are available to you for drying and consult experts on how you can make the best use of these available spaces for all your flowers. Our team is usually a great help and guide you can count on every step of the way.

When that’s done, then you should set appropriate environmental conditions that would help you get rid of the moisture in your flowers. The right temperature to aim for is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and about 50% humidity.

An optimal environment is necessary for propagation and veg, but they are also a crucial factor in drying that immensely contributes to the flowering results from drying.

You can also use an inline fan as a means of exhausting or eradicating moisture and air, and for humidity control, having an oscillating fan in place is also one way you can also guarantee good air circulation.

For growers who live in an area with high humidity, you might need to use a dehumidifier. High humidity could completely ruin an entire weed-drying shelf.
In this article, we’ve carefully highlighted some of the important tips to know as a beginner who wants to get the best out of growing business. You need to understand good drying conditions and utilize the right harvest and drying tools to get the best result. Driflower has made it possible, you only need to choose from any of our innovative harvest drying racks and make your business as smooth as butter! Save space, money and time; we’re always willing and ready to hang with you!