Hang Harvesting is a relatively new approach to drying cannabis and hemp flowers. Not many cultivators already use it or understand the concept behind using hangers for drying cannabis as a part of their hemp harvesting equipment. But, it’s not rocket science. 

In fact, hanghaversting is a less complicated method of drying cannabis. It’s a straightforward drying approach that uses specialized cannabis drying hangers (J-hangers, and pro hangers) to hold flowers in place for the duration of drying. 

Hangharvesting promotes healthy flowers and has more benefits than any known method of drying flowers like using nets, trellis or wires. 

Today, we shall explore the top 5 amazing benefits of using hangers for cultivating and drying your cannabis. Before that, let’s uncover the truth about hang harvesting.

What is Hang Harvesting 

Hang harvesting is a simplified process of using innovative tools, including hangers and hardware, to organize and hang flowers immediately after harvesting to save space, save time, and save money . 

Technically, hemp harvesting equipment might take a variety of forms and shapes. However, they aim to help you efficiently harvest and dry your flowers. 

Compared to a regular approach like use of wires, hang harvesting offers less manhandling of your produce, thereby preserving the quality and value of your flowers. 

Hang harvesting supports efficient drying. How does this work? Hanging cannabis flowers from elevated positions increases the airflow and makes the best use of available space. Hang harvesting reduces the total dependency on manual labor during the harvest and drying process. 

Generally, drying cannabis is an essential part of cannabis harvesting. It benefits safe storage and consumption.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Hangers for Cannabis Harvesting and Drying

Cannabis plants need time, space, and careful handling to dry. Humidity, airflow, and temperature are factors that influence your flower’s quality. For best results, your drying process should majorly focus on all three factors. 

Any drying process that cannot focus on all three is in itself insufficient. Meaning you’d always have to sacrifice the quality of your product, especially for large-scale farms. 

The good news is that Hang harvesting isn’t one of these insufficient drying processes. Here are top benefits of using good-quality cannabis drying hangers

  1. Improves Quality 

One of the obvious benefits of using hangers for harvest and drying cannabis is that it preserves the integrity or quality of your flowers. Compared to using trellis or wires, hanging improves the quality of your flowers by ensuring every flower in your collection receives an adequate amount of care to keep these flowers in the best shape for consumption.

Quality is one of the things consumers look for in flower buds. To stand a chance amongst the cut-throat competition, you should start with your best foot forward, which is bringing your best flowers to the market.

  1. Reduces the Need for Manual Labor 

Using hang harvesting equipment such as hangers doesn’t cut out the need for manual labor. It’s not a robot or anything of that nature. Rather, it reduces your need for manual labor. It can cut your need for a 5-man working team to two.  In turn, this helps you save time and resources for drying cannabis flowers. 

  1. Easier Transportation

If you’ve seen any of our hanger display videos, then, you’d know just how easier it becomes to move your flowers around without having to muffle or mishandle flowers. Isn’t that one of the most amazing features a flower drying method can have? Especially in a trade like this that requires large-scale transportation now and then.

  1. Makes the Best Use of Available Space

Space is one of the significant problems cannabis cultivators face. Too often, it’s a problem of limited space for significantly large cannabis or hemp produce. Without proper optimization of available space, most of the flowers withers. 

Cannabis drying hangers helps maximize available space. These hangers make it possible for you to harvest large acres and have room for proper ventilation, even in a limited space.  

  1. Increases Profit Margin

Generally, Cannabis drying hangers have benefits that lead to profitability. It’s already obvious that a reduction in the need for manual labor reduces your production cost. The same goes for making better use of available space and improvement in the quality of flowers you produce. 
All benefits of using hangers for drying your cannabis point toward profitability. You can get the best cannabis hangers in California today without breaking a bank. DriFlower is the provider of premium quality harvest hangers in Ashland Oregon.